Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Slow down my post while

Since the new law on protection of personal information is introduced inJapan this April, that makes the business organization have regalresponsibility for their customers info, our company is keener to watchout for the network use of employees. Better not post blog unless I can fully figure out their watching rule.

Another reason, the more important reason is a need of concentrating instudy for the exam I am gonna to take this summer so that I can finish this selfish study mode by this summer and walk to new step as early aspossible.

Recently my friend Natalia in Hokkaido and her business were introduced as an example of some new business models in the article
on Nikkei Shinbun, the largest economy news paper in Japan.

Also, my old friend in Singapore came visit to Tokyo recently. Seeingher and her friends in Japan who were mainly working in financial field tofind that they have both good character and reputation urged me to make my own reputation as early as possible. Yes, indeed was great to see them balance between good sensitivity and good reputation. ( I reckon that only established people has true sensitivity. What I have difficulty to see is finding true sensitivity among my generation people everybody of whome is still on their way to somewhere.)