Tuesday, March 08, 2005

tax return calculation

Just finished the final tax return calculation of the last year.

Suppose the tax calculation may not be difficult for me, who once enjoyed the unuseful endless numeric calculation in the general relativity class at the collage to find the average density of whole cosmos,,, ,for what...I don't know...) yet I am always terribly reluctant to concern the tax calculation.... Indeed this emotional barrier is pretty high. I should think it's the Curse of "the poor dad" as Mr. R Kiyosaki says,,,,to me appropriate is " the curse of the poor mom" Or more like...mammal afraid of fire instinctively only a species who mastered using fire become human. These days, the tax office now offers online forms to help us to fill the tax return form and accepts online submission (on prior registration) to save our time and troubles. Tax return knowledge, there are plenty of useful information to be guided in web sites for everyone on internet. It's really up to decision of each person! To ACT to save the tax or Not act to waste the tax money, that is the problem. Amusing days. to me..