Monday, March 28, 2005

small talk from my real life

Had drink with an old acquaintance of mine at night....when I made the acquaintance with him about 10 years ago, he was one of those powerful pioneer, young one(in his 30’s though) wearing casual fashion and started new business something to do with internet with new vision of internet. After lots story about him he’s now CEO of Japan branch of the world high class company and gained certain importance. I had to laugh at hearing his criticizing Horiemon.

Casually yet cautiously He asked me why I am greedy for your career. Why I can't be satisfied at a current job in a stable company? He continued that he asked them because he was aware that he has lost many things on my way to step up his carrier. How he had to give up his health for instance.
So I told him this story. It's what I saw and thought some time ago. Some time ago I had to have a lunch in a crowded office cafeteria at lunchtime whereas I usually don’t go. Majority in the cafeteria was a white-collar men in their 40 -50.... Most of them looked typical of married, maintaining a family of a house wife and .a or few school kid(s) and living in a house or flat at some suburbs from where he commute to the office crashed in a crowded commute train for 1 hour every morning. Some men were eating a pretty homemade lunch box. I could easily imagine his wife made it along with their school kids lunch box to in order to save for their kid's education cost or mortgage maybe.... And I am a person who thinks such life story is beautiful….
Unfortunately seeing them eat at the cafeteria, all I though was just disgusting.
I got totally disguised of their bad eating manner. They exhibited noting but a collection of the bad-eating manner. Really Many laying both elbow on the table, incredibly sloppy postures, twisting bodies to watch TV and all the bad chopstick manners etc etc.... They no longer hesitate to show the weight of their lives on their shoulders. Sigh…

How and how difficult to keep a dignity of the human person... once one lost youth and ambition. It’s worth to try something to keep my dignity.

What I couldn’t tell him was that I am seeking the way to gain lots to protect my dignity without paying sacrifice, though…