Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shiroyama Hills

Had a chance to visit Shiroyama Hills at Toranomon...mmmm behind the major attention to Roppongi hills and tower residential buildings recently constructed, under construction and will be constructed, at Toranomon-Kamiyacyo area, over the hill there appears a beautiful town of high class buildings placed here and there in the wood park...suddenly realized Mori Trust project of creating the new urban Tokyo town for future is going quietly….
Today I just heard the news that passing of an architect, Kenzou Tange who designed the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and Fuji TV office , which were criticized for it's Gothic like and far from people-friendly natural design. I too criticized his architectures. I say his architectures did not touch me because his architectures did not reflect the air of the lands they were built. At this point I say that Mori trust seems understand the air of the land to take in for their constructions.

By the way visiting a friend of a friend of mine, an elite banker living along in Shiroyama Hills 2 bed room apartment, had this thought experiment for adventure that
If only I could be such simple woman who can seduce man for the reason he’s living in a gorgeous flat….. Why some women can think this way and some women not? Just joking.