Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Livedoor win again at Nippon broadcasting take over battle

quick news at Mainichi,

Lucky of Livedoor was the worst reaction of Nippon broadcasting and Fuji TV to protect from take over battle. Their press conference announced their issuing equity warrants to Fuji Television Network Inc showed that Nippon broadcasting and Fuji TV took themselves as poor victims protecting from an attack of evil Livedoor so they were right to do this plan because they are victim of evil Livedoor. Funny is their saying, I thought it was the words of Bush of America...ha ha

No doubt the power of Horiemon of Livedoor is to find the cracks of vested established industries being behind new structural reorganization after bubble period such as professional baseball and TV industries. The crack is, the crack between reality and delusion people clutching as they used to be or they wish to be. Fuji TV had delusion, as they are the top of mighty media hierarchy that nobody would be possible to challenge. Maybe being maintaining their delusion by showing their fangs, now it revealed that their fangs fake. Though little sympathy is that this way worked no problem until today. And it's not only them to live under delusion but most company lives under the delusion. And not only company but also family, religion, nationality, trend, hobby whatever, people can stick its name for their delusion.

If only I had better compatibility to share the non-real delusion with my colleagues and could behave arrogant for nothing against minor companies in the business field, had no doubt to develop only internal communication skills, my life could be much easier...sigh…though living under the risk that one day in my middle age it is revealed that I have no skill to use in the real life. ha! This is the reason I am trying to change My career. But I must say that finding the crack is the reason I stay in this old fashioned company while. Though I am very tiny being there are cracks around to find some small cracks I can handle to use for my adventure. Already got 3 flats from no money picking some way from the common sense of the relationship between banking and young women...thinking of the next plan.