Thursday, March 03, 2005

Had a flat inspection with my tenants!

It is not popular for the landlord to see his/her tenant of his/her investment flat. But as I offer to allow to makeover the room in their style for the certain level as long as it will not cost too much to recover afterward or it dose not damage the basis structure, we've got to make some agreement in advance. My tenant was a unit of women graphic designers in their early 30's. They are such a nice people that they gave me a letter to the landlord along with an application form, telling that although they were young women freelance unit, they have enough carriers to make enough profit to pay the rent. What a nice people! But doesn’t some landlords let their room to freelance women? I must say it's what tell the property agent who stands between landlords and tenant to shut the communication between, makes rules easy for them and tell each other how bad being the other one. Anyway, paradoxically if the tenant were men, I might not allow to let them makeover my room because of the list some certain men automatically lookdown young-looking woman or expect women allow everything of his. I do not yet want to bather such men. ! I am on my way to find MY landlord way, I don't want to be bothered by such men yet.
How lucky I was this time. Having got a couple of another flats as the landlord yet myself living in a tenement as the tenant, have accumulated a pile of questions about what the property agency doing. I had a hope to have a little try for my 3rd flat then could have Tokyo R real estate be the property agency of this flat. And the tenant they found was such nice people. Tokyo R Real Estate is very helpful for making a communication between the landlord and the tenant. For instance, I offered my tenant the choice of the security level of a front door key they use. I told them I will change the front door key for you. The one I'm gonna to change is this cheep one on this list. If you want more severe security for the flat you use, pay me the difference and I will order the one you specified. I think the security level is what the residence of the room relies on. Surely some people take value for their security than extra cost and some wants keep expense as low as possible. ’And it’s just their choice. Why can’t let them choose. The fact is, even this small thing, there is unlikely to offer through ordinal property agency. They tell the landlord, I have advice to you. Either 1) You must charge the front door key exchange fee to your tenant or 2) It is OK to change to the cheapest key to reduce your cost. I know then facing to the tenants side, I'm sorry but this is what your landlord request. Ha! Then for instance, checking the web discussion board for tenants, there are full of compliments that they are sucked by the landlord in the name of the front door key exchange fee... And another advice to the landlord board says, the better key use for the front door, more security level and your property attract the tenant for high security. Wondering they can discuss together for their life and benefit.