Monday, March 14, 2005

About Horiemon

Not much to say for the court order on injunction against Nippon Broadcasting System against V.S. Horiemon of Livedoor battle.(Horiemon is a nickname of the president Horieā€¦ combining his name with Doraemonā€¦..) Funny of this case is no matter how much people had emotional confliction against Horiemon and blamed his for his way of gaining Nippon Broadcasting System's stock by gray way, at least telling this case, no one having a slice of accounting theory knowledge can openly deny this court decision as the answer of the question; to whome the company is belonging?

Swimming little in the sea of blog articles about Horiemon and this case, one I picked up is "why we have to support Horiemon" in Japanese. This guy is running the web site and from a point of concerning both internet and mass-communication he says he support Horiemon because Horiemon is the first person who knocks in a wedge into a severe media hierarchy of creation world with TV men at the top. Nobody ever dare try before. I simply support this view. In this world,,,I mean every countries including US and Europe, no matter how much discussed power and the dark side of TV media has anyone challenged there from internet world? Having seen discussion of blog and media and journalism for instance, bloggers position was nothing but the humble grass root being seeking authorization to the main media, no matter how they say sound-great things in their blogs. It's just within a preestablished harmony of media world. But why we have to accept the preestablished harmony of media? Why we can't challenge it? Yes, why we can't challenge the preestablished harmony?? Interesting theme to think about for the one like me who has privilege to be free from brainwash by preestablished religions, for instance.