Monday, March 28, 2005

small talk from my real life

Had drink with an old acquaintance of mine at night....when I made the acquaintance with him about 10 years ago, he was one of those powerful pioneer, young one(in his 30’s though) wearing casual fashion and started new business something to do with internet with new vision of internet. After lots story about him he’s now CEO of Japan branch of the world high class company and gained certain importance. I had to laugh at hearing his criticizing Horiemon.

Casually yet cautiously He asked me why I am greedy for your career. Why I can't be satisfied at a current job in a stable company? He continued that he asked them because he was aware that he has lost many things on my way to step up his carrier. How he had to give up his health for instance.
So I told him this story. It's what I saw and thought some time ago. Some time ago I had to have a lunch in a crowded office cafeteria at lunchtime whereas I usually don’t go. Majority in the cafeteria was a white-collar men in their 40 -50.... Most of them looked typical of married, maintaining a family of a house wife and .a or few school kid(s) and living in a house or flat at some suburbs from where he commute to the office crashed in a crowded commute train for 1 hour every morning. Some men were eating a pretty homemade lunch box. I could easily imagine his wife made it along with their school kids lunch box to in order to save for their kid's education cost or mortgage maybe.... And I am a person who thinks such life story is beautiful….
Unfortunately seeing them eat at the cafeteria, all I though was just disgusting.
I got totally disguised of their bad eating manner. They exhibited noting but a collection of the bad-eating manner. Really Many laying both elbow on the table, incredibly sloppy postures, twisting bodies to watch TV and all the bad chopstick manners etc etc.... They no longer hesitate to show the weight of their lives on their shoulders. Sigh…

How and how difficult to keep a dignity of the human person... once one lost youth and ambition. It’s worth to try something to keep my dignity.

What I couldn’t tell him was that I am seeking the way to gain lots to protect my dignity without paying sacrifice, though…

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Livedoor win again at Nippon broadcasting take over battle

quick news at Mainichi,

Lucky of Livedoor was the worst reaction of Nippon broadcasting and Fuji TV to protect from take over battle. Their press conference announced their issuing equity warrants to Fuji Television Network Inc showed that Nippon broadcasting and Fuji TV took themselves as poor victims protecting from an attack of evil Livedoor so they were right to do this plan because they are victim of evil Livedoor. Funny is their saying, I thought it was the words of Bush of America...ha ha

No doubt the power of Horiemon of Livedoor is to find the cracks of vested established industries being behind new structural reorganization after bubble period such as professional baseball and TV industries. The crack is, the crack between reality and delusion people clutching as they used to be or they wish to be. Fuji TV had delusion, as they are the top of mighty media hierarchy that nobody would be possible to challenge. Maybe being maintaining their delusion by showing their fangs, now it revealed that their fangs fake. Though little sympathy is that this way worked no problem until today. And it's not only them to live under delusion but most company lives under the delusion. And not only company but also family, religion, nationality, trend, hobby whatever, people can stick its name for their delusion.

If only I had better compatibility to share the non-real delusion with my colleagues and could behave arrogant for nothing against minor companies in the business field, had no doubt to develop only internal communication skills, my life could be much easier...sigh…though living under the risk that one day in my middle age it is revealed that I have no skill to use in the real life. ha! This is the reason I am trying to change My career. But I must say that finding the crack is the reason I stay in this old fashioned company while. Though I am very tiny being there are cracks around to find some small cracks I can handle to use for my adventure. Already got 3 flats from no money picking some way from the common sense of the relationship between banking and young women...thinking of the next plan.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shiroyama Hills

Had a chance to visit Shiroyama Hills at Toranomon...mmmm behind the major attention to Roppongi hills and tower residential buildings recently constructed, under construction and will be constructed, at Toranomon-Kamiyacyo area, over the hill there appears a beautiful town of high class buildings placed here and there in the wood park...suddenly realized Mori Trust project of creating the new urban Tokyo town for future is going quietly….
Today I just heard the news that passing of an architect, Kenzou Tange who designed the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and Fuji TV office , which were criticized for it's Gothic like and far from people-friendly natural design. I too criticized his architectures. I say his architectures did not touch me because his architectures did not reflect the air of the lands they were built. At this point I say that Mori trust seems understand the air of the land to take in for their constructions.

By the way visiting a friend of a friend of mine, an elite banker living along in Shiroyama Hills 2 bed room apartment, had this thought experiment for adventure that
If only I could be such simple woman who can seduce man for the reason he’s living in a gorgeous flat….. Why some women can think this way and some women not? Just joking.

Friday, March 18, 2005

non-returnable and returnable deposits

What notorious about renting house or flat in Tokyo is... 2 month non-returnable deposit along with 2 month returnable deposit for contract. 5 month rent money to pay ( 1 for next month rent in advance) at once is usually more expensive than one month income! But from the point of landlord, it's far from good sucking money I must say.

For instance 1-month fee out of 2-month non-returnable deposit goes straight to the property agent as a mediation fee. Out of 1 month non-returnable deposit left,,,,for instance in the case of my small studio flat just let, 30000 yen was paid for house cleaning and disinfect ion and other 20000yen was paid for my cost of front door key change. Lucky was that ex-owner of the flat remodeled everything so I did not need to improve anything...(it was far from my taste though,,,,this was why I let my tenant improve the room by themselves)

Here, people may point out that the landlord sucks the makeover cost from the tenant. The landlord makes an accusation for trivial reason not to return non-returnable deposit too. It's true, sadly. This is the very problem of housing industry in Japan . The modern rules restrict the landlord charge the makeover cost from the tenant. Especially in Tokyo there has been so called the Tokyo rule started since last autumn, the detailed guideline for landlord and tenant what cases would be in responsible of tenant to be deduced from returnable deposit and what's case is not. For instance, coffee stain on the floor carpet is a part of normal life, this means no responsible of tenant. But if it turned moldy it is the responsible for the tenant. Tenant has got to pay for only responsible portion. Clear isn’t it. Unfortunately there is an old custom that the tenant has to pay for all makeover cost when leaving so that everything could be as new as initial condition. And STILL many property agents still try to use this old custom by hiding the existence of new rules from people!! Really, landlords are not professional and cannot know the new role unless property agents tell them. Then the property agent sucks from the tenant in the name of the landlord. This is very problem.
Anyway I know the new role and I support it. I don't expect to suck from the returnable deposit therefore one-month non- returnable deposit can not go to my pocket.

But I wonder how the landlord of the other counties manage it. As I know, in UK landlord only charges 1 month returnable key deposit. How can landlord manage to pay a mediation fee to agent and maintenance cost? For instance, it is said in Japan that the reason to take certain amount of deposit is, if the tenant died along and can’t find relatives of the tenant, then it’s the cost of the landlord to give the funeral and clear all the stuff and clean the room. There is the risk that people dose not want to live in a room where someone just died! How can the landlord of say UK manage this kind of risk? Very interesting.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A friend of mine commented for my letting my flat to a unit of women graphic artists that why you did not charge extra from them for using your flat by two people...... Ah, I should have told him earlier than I made up the rent...... laughed that I am so good landlord that I don't suck from my tenant.... but somewhere deep inside me I turned green at sudden realization the reason I don't suck. I don't suck because I can't suck. Simple. And I can't suck not because I am nice person but because I don't have much self-dignity that I am capable of keeping a certain human relationship with people when I say hard things to them. It seems I have a deep hidden fear that I can't be loved unless I stay in a easy parson for people... Though I don't mean I am going to suck someone really, so that I stay in fare and I am not sucked. Another direction for my adventure.

Monday, March 14, 2005

About Horiemon

Not much to say for the court order on injunction against Nippon Broadcasting System against V.S. Horiemon of Livedoor battle.(Horiemon is a nickname of the president Horie… combining his name with Doraemon…..) Funny of this case is no matter how much people had emotional confliction against Horiemon and blamed his for his way of gaining Nippon Broadcasting System's stock by gray way, at least telling this case, no one having a slice of accounting theory knowledge can openly deny this court decision as the answer of the question; to whome the company is belonging?

Swimming little in the sea of blog articles about Horiemon and this case, one I picked up is "why we have to support Horiemon" in Japanese. This guy is running the web site and from a point of concerning both internet and mass-communication he says he support Horiemon because Horiemon is the first person who knocks in a wedge into a severe media hierarchy of creation world with TV men at the top. Nobody ever dare try before. I simply support this view. In this world,,,I mean every countries including US and Europe, no matter how much discussed power and the dark side of TV media has anyone challenged there from internet world? Having seen discussion of blog and media and journalism for instance, bloggers position was nothing but the humble grass root being seeking authorization to the main media, no matter how they say sound-great things in their blogs. It's just within a preestablished harmony of media world. But why we have to accept the preestablished harmony of media? Why we can't challenge it? Yes, why we can't challenge the preestablished harmony?? Interesting theme to think about for the one like me who has privilege to be free from brainwash by preestablished religions, for instance.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

tax return calculation

Just finished the final tax return calculation of the last year.

Suppose the tax calculation may not be difficult for me, who once enjoyed the unuseful endless numeric calculation in the general relativity class at the collage to find the average density of whole cosmos,,, ,for what...I don't know...) yet I am always terribly reluctant to concern the tax calculation.... Indeed this emotional barrier is pretty high. I should think it's the Curse of "the poor dad" as Mr. R Kiyosaki says,,,,to me appropriate is " the curse of the poor mom" Or more like...mammal afraid of fire instinctively only a species who mastered using fire become human. These days, the tax office now offers online forms to help us to fill the tax return form and accepts online submission (on prior registration) to save our time and troubles. Tax return knowledge, there are plenty of useful information to be guided in web sites for everyone on internet. It's really up to decision of each person! To ACT to save the tax or Not act to waste the tax money, that is the problem. Amusing days. to me..

Friday, March 04, 2005

Spring Snow

It was, this morning.

By the way, thinking about trying another blog in Japanese in Livedoor blog.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Had a flat inspection with my tenants!

It is not popular for the landlord to see his/her tenant of his/her investment flat. But as I offer to allow to makeover the room in their style for the certain level as long as it will not cost too much to recover afterward or it dose not damage the basis structure, we've got to make some agreement in advance. My tenant was a unit of women graphic designers in their early 30's. They are such a nice people that they gave me a letter to the landlord along with an application form, telling that although they were young women freelance unit, they have enough carriers to make enough profit to pay the rent. What a nice people! But doesn’t some landlords let their room to freelance women? I must say it's what tell the property agent who stands between landlords and tenant to shut the communication between, makes rules easy for them and tell each other how bad being the other one. Anyway, paradoxically if the tenant were men, I might not allow to let them makeover my room because of the list some certain men automatically lookdown young-looking woman or expect women allow everything of his. I do not yet want to bather such men. ! I am on my way to find MY landlord way, I don't want to be bothered by such men yet.
How lucky I was this time. Having got a couple of another flats as the landlord yet myself living in a tenement as the tenant, have accumulated a pile of questions about what the property agency doing. I had a hope to have a little try for my 3rd flat then could have Tokyo R real estate be the property agency of this flat. And the tenant they found was such nice people. Tokyo R Real Estate is very helpful for making a communication between the landlord and the tenant. For instance, I offered my tenant the choice of the security level of a front door key they use. I told them I will change the front door key for you. The one I'm gonna to change is this cheep one on this list. If you want more severe security for the flat you use, pay me the difference and I will order the one you specified. I think the security level is what the residence of the room relies on. Surely some people take value for their security than extra cost and some wants keep expense as low as possible. ’And it’s just their choice. Why can’t let them choose. The fact is, even this small thing, there is unlikely to offer through ordinal property agency. They tell the landlord, I have advice to you. Either 1) You must charge the front door key exchange fee to your tenant or 2) It is OK to change to the cheapest key to reduce your cost. I know then facing to the tenants side, I'm sorry but this is what your landlord request. Ha! Then for instance, checking the web discussion board for tenants, there are full of compliments that they are sucked by the landlord in the name of the front door key exchange fee... And another advice to the landlord board says, the better key use for the front door, more security level and your property attract the tenant for high security. Wondering they can discuss together for their life and benefit.