Thursday, February 10, 2005

X day.....accomplished

La,La,La, Got the key of the flat I bought for investment last night, the flat is mine now! And it's not the end of story but the start of making profit from there PLUS the start of concerning future of my favorite architecture flat.. La,La,La. Of course I can't to be relaxed until I've got a tenant of the flat.....But la, la, la how exciting to think about how to decor and maintain this flat in time along with other 2 flats. La, La, La! Really the possession itself is not important to me, what exciting is the responsibility that comes after the possession. It's not about money (I can say this maybe because I am grown up in upper middle class though.) but about the responsibility that comes after money. That's what's worth to adventure into. La, La, La, La, La…..(maybe I am just out of tune….)