Wednesday, February 09, 2005

X day... tonight

Finally I will have a key tonight. It must be the moment I can say neener, neener, neener! Anyway the biggest event was already over, that was to apply my mortgage at bank. Having discussed perfectly with bank for my approval condition and having pre-approved already, it was just the day to submit all the documents I already showed by faxing then to fill in the forms and to sign up and stamp Inkan paper after paper...indeed I was just an auto-autographing and Inkan stamping machine...... command: fill in here me: fill, command: stamp here, me: stamp, command: sign there me: sign and so on for one and a half hours. Hum, how come it was such a high tension day to me for all the day? These form and documents I filled in, few of them were for applying my mortgage and others were such as application forms to a fire insurance and my life insurance which come with mortgage and many letters to judicial scrivener for the property registration etc... One thing which makes things complicated was, for instance, address on these paper must be the identical with the one on the residence certificate which is often not identical with postal address and could be written by old type Chinese characters we don’t use these days.. Also to state amount of money, use not 一ニ三 for 1 2 3 but 壱弐参 type Chinese characters…..It’s the business rule….fun isn't it. In some future, I should try to buy some property in foreign country to compare the complexion of purchasing properties.

I said I have had discussed perfectly with the bank for my approval condition, but the fact there was no discussion at all. I just talked lots with the property agent whom I have years long business relationship and the property agent was a good client of the bank and they planned a special plan for their potential client to pass the approval. It all went the behind-the-scenes work level. All the practical things started after everything planned perfectly. So safe and easy way. I really thank them. Indeed, I don't buy from the property agent whom I can't work the behind-the-scenes work well even no matter how cheep and good his property was. The behind-the-scenes work level, we each other examine if we can have a good business communication together to work with and if he/she is capable of handling the troubles might happen. Or if it was estimated as the case difficult to get mortgage or difficult to keep paying for me at the behind-the-scenes work stage, I can give up before wasting time and energy of not only me but also anyone concerning and shift to at her reachable plan. It's not the place I challenge. I am not a brave. Saving time and money I still can spare my profit and energy to enjoy better thing in my life.