Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tokyo R Real Estate

Had my new flat promoted at Tokyo R Real Estate

If my poor memory was correct, the first time I found them was that they were one of those who organized Kanda art event few years ago, that is some abandoned old office buildings waiting to be clashed or renovation turned to as temporary art galleries where the artist explained the big ART without bothering restoration of ruined rooms afterwards. Their website picks up real estates information of either distinctive-looking or old but ideal to exhibit one’s renovation sense. Reading their comments they gives for each property with several photos no doubt they have strong taste for urban architecture of Tokyo.
Talking with them, indeed they were originally not real-estate office but architects. The reason they opened their web site is they has strong frustration against ordinal real-estate office and wanted to something to speak to people directly; whatever concept architects planed for buildings they designed, once building constructions were done and handed to real-estate office for sale, sales people who had no interest in ARCHITECTURE concept made up marketing and sales talks which sometimes totally conflict with original concept...

Turning my side, their story really amazed me no end. I have the same frustration as theirs against ordinal real-estate office. They say to landlord, it is difficult to find a tenant for an old flat, but if I suggest to add some extra things like window curtains etc. for convenience of the room tenant, they immediately turn away my suggestion, “no extra for no extra trouble” Telling them I don’t mind to let my flat to foreigners also turned away for the same reason. Once at their hand, every room is sorted in terms of the nearest station, walking minutes from there, room spaces and numbers and building age… no space to inform landlord concepts. Real-estate offices are standing between landlords and tenants to shut communication between. Of course it’s the safeguard idea when the relationship between landlord to suck and the tenant to be sucked were much confrontational and anyway indeed reduce extra troubles if either side was not good communicationable… But I’m afraid to say, what lucks in majority of them is understanding that house, flat, building etc are not just 3D boxes to hide from rain and cold but architectures which produce our town and produce our life style. Well, at the moment, I can’t complain too lots, because picking up those flats of good architectures out of the sea of information of white 3D boxes is the source of my profit… Anyway wind is blowing. In this internet age, so easy for such a small citizen like me to find the Real-Estate office of new concept I can share like Tokyo R Real Estate. Let’s see how they are going.