Wednesday, February 16, 2005

keep a memory of SKY

Reported to an old friend of mine about my old small flat shopping, she wrote me buck "it should be a penthouse to rent out to Keanu Reeves when he is in town." How wonderful is my old friendship! She know me well and she gives me such a good  courage and motivation to adventure into next step!! As my age going through mid 30's, what the most difference between 20's and 30's is extreme difficulty to keep positive friends in 30's and over and there is more negative peer pressure need to turn away. Anyway few I’ve got and I am such content. Let's adventure into my femininity then!

Sky Sky Sky.

Since RENOWN office moved to Shibuya 5 years ago, this huge space was abandoned for years to give our local residences extra space to feel the blue sky but eventually there is under construction of the 34 stories residential tower....