Monday, February 28, 2005

a little boring private talk

As I mentioned before, my younger sister who's been a part-time lecturer at some universities in Tokyo is going to get a lecturer position at a National University of a very northern city of Japan and I took this news rather negative....I mean wondered she was just running away from high competition in Tokyo. But listening her, I must have been wrong. have to say sorry to my sister. As she explained, she owes a pretty large amount of scholarship for her PhD study days she have to pay off later so if she works as a part-time lecturer or gets a position at some private collage in Tokyo she assume it the best she can get for her ( and I assumed No No) , she has to pay out her scholarship and pay her pension and social insurance by her own, But working for the National university, she can get a total exemption her scholarship!! and can have a cheep and good pension and social insurance to pay too!! She can use her money to be positive toward her future. Very impressed!
The reason I am impressed is ,,,, well I say here because this is not written by my native language, I have no worry to be found by my families..... Anyway it’s just a boring private story. Once upon a time ago, when she was an elementary school pupil, she was a top class study performance girl....I mean, though there are top class study performance kids the same number as the number of schools in the world, she was not a such local top but really a regular member of top 10 at a sort of private exams for elementary school pupils preparing for passing entrance exams for private middle schools. So, her elementary school teachers flattered her so much that her teacher came to our house secretly to tell that the school understands my sister is hard for her study, she can miss her homework, she can stay at home if she feels not good....crazy.... and mothers after mothers of Jewish mother type came to visit our mom to ask how to make children have such a good performance. Our mom was of course flattered over the moon!!! Ha. a happy insensitive creature she is. Then to me and to the rest of our family, it was nothing but the hell days. Almost every day, she scream-out aloud after midnight or early morning for the reason she could not finish what she planed to do.. Listening her psycho-like screaming I used pray if only our parents send her the mental hospital, never heard me though. Anyway she went to the best private junior school she aimed she still screamed-out often. By the time she got into the university, she became mild then became a not-fool but totally-kiddish behaving person of her taste, outlook, the way of talking and everything. Looking back these days from the point of now, I can't stop thinking what was the source of her energy which made her drive so hard working for her study. Must be not positive power. This same energy must be the one that drove her scream-out so much. Her scream-out was really energetic scream from her full body as if to break some invisible pressure....hell… I guess it must be the same energy that stopped her to behave as the adult. What’s this energy? But I also know she was trying things in complete seriousness. Listening her now, seems she passed through some dark tunnel and walks into the real world. Great job!I think I am witnessing very sample that people can change to the good way.

Friday, February 25, 2005

good news of the day

Just got a good news from Tokyo R real estate that they found a tenant of my flat for me. Although I am choosing the flat of which it's easy to find the tenant, good news within a couple of weeks of my purchase is good result I can say! Feeling irresistible power toward drinking and eating out lots tonight! hardly trying keeping me out from this seduction! (one reason I am a great money saver person this year. the second reason I've got to study still for the coming exams. but....)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tokyo R Real Estate

Had my new flat promoted at Tokyo R Real Estate

If my poor memory was correct, the first time I found them was that they were one of those who organized Kanda art event few years ago, that is some abandoned old office buildings waiting to be clashed or renovation turned to as temporary art galleries where the artist explained the big ART without bothering restoration of ruined rooms afterwards. Their website picks up real estates information of either distinctive-looking or old but ideal to exhibit one’s renovation sense. Reading their comments they gives for each property with several photos no doubt they have strong taste for urban architecture of Tokyo.
Talking with them, indeed they were originally not real-estate office but architects. The reason they opened their web site is they has strong frustration against ordinal real-estate office and wanted to something to speak to people directly; whatever concept architects planed for buildings they designed, once building constructions were done and handed to real-estate office for sale, sales people who had no interest in ARCHITECTURE concept made up marketing and sales talks which sometimes totally conflict with original concept...

Turning my side, their story really amazed me no end. I have the same frustration as theirs against ordinal real-estate office. They say to landlord, it is difficult to find a tenant for an old flat, but if I suggest to add some extra things like window curtains etc. for convenience of the room tenant, they immediately turn away my suggestion, “no extra for no extra trouble” Telling them I don’t mind to let my flat to foreigners also turned away for the same reason. Once at their hand, every room is sorted in terms of the nearest station, walking minutes from there, room spaces and numbers and building age… no space to inform landlord concepts. Real-estate offices are standing between landlords and tenants to shut communication between. Of course it’s the safeguard idea when the relationship between landlord to suck and the tenant to be sucked were much confrontational and anyway indeed reduce extra troubles if either side was not good communicationable… But I’m afraid to say, what lucks in majority of them is understanding that house, flat, building etc are not just 3D boxes to hide from rain and cold but architectures which produce our town and produce our life style. Well, at the moment, I can’t complain too lots, because picking up those flats of good architectures out of the sea of information of white 3D boxes is the source of my profit… Anyway wind is blowing. In this internet age, so easy for such a small citizen like me to find the Real-Estate office of new concept I can share like Tokyo R Real Estate. Let’s see how they are going.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

keep a memory of SKY

Reported to an old friend of mine about my old small flat shopping, she wrote me buck "it should be a penthouse to rent out to Keanu Reeves when he is in town." How wonderful is my old friendship! She know me well and she gives me such a good  courage and motivation to adventure into next step!! As my age going through mid 30's, what the most difference between 20's and 30's is extreme difficulty to keep positive friends in 30's and over and there is more negative peer pressure need to turn away. Anyway few I’ve got and I am such content. Let's adventure into my femininity then!

Sky Sky Sky.

Since RENOWN office moved to Shibuya 5 years ago, this huge space was abandoned for years to give our local residences extra space to feel the blue sky but eventually there is under construction of the 34 stories residential tower....

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's day

and a Hunch that Spring is comming around the corner....

at local Hatonomori shrine..... Oh, no, the Sun is getting storonger, need sunblock!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

X day.....accomplished

La,La,La, Got the key of the flat I bought for investment last night, the flat is mine now! And it's not the end of story but the start of making profit from there PLUS the start of concerning future of my favorite architecture flat.. La,La,La. Of course I can't to be relaxed until I've got a tenant of the flat.....But la, la, la how exciting to think about how to decor and maintain this flat in time along with other 2 flats. La, La, La! Really the possession itself is not important to me, what exciting is the responsibility that comes after the possession. It's not about money (I can say this maybe because I am grown up in upper middle class though.) but about the responsibility that comes after money. That's what's worth to adventure into. La, La, La, La, La…..(maybe I am just out of tune….)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

X day... tonight

Finally I will have a key tonight. It must be the moment I can say neener, neener, neener! Anyway the biggest event was already over, that was to apply my mortgage at bank. Having discussed perfectly with bank for my approval condition and having pre-approved already, it was just the day to submit all the documents I already showed by faxing then to fill in the forms and to sign up and stamp Inkan paper after paper...indeed I was just an auto-autographing and Inkan stamping machine...... command: fill in here me: fill, command: stamp here, me: stamp, command: sign there me: sign and so on for one and a half hours. Hum, how come it was such a high tension day to me for all the day? These form and documents I filled in, few of them were for applying my mortgage and others were such as application forms to a fire insurance and my life insurance which come with mortgage and many letters to judicial scrivener for the property registration etc... One thing which makes things complicated was, for instance, address on these paper must be the identical with the one on the residence certificate which is often not identical with postal address and could be written by old type Chinese characters we don’t use these days.. Also to state amount of money, use not 一ニ三 for 1 2 3 but 壱弐参 type Chinese characters…..It’s the business rule….fun isn't it. In some future, I should try to buy some property in foreign country to compare the complexion of purchasing properties.

I said I have had discussed perfectly with the bank for my approval condition, but the fact there was no discussion at all. I just talked lots with the property agent whom I have years long business relationship and the property agent was a good client of the bank and they planned a special plan for their potential client to pass the approval. It all went the behind-the-scenes work level. All the practical things started after everything planned perfectly. So safe and easy way. I really thank them. Indeed, I don't buy from the property agent whom I can't work the behind-the-scenes work well even no matter how cheep and good his property was. The behind-the-scenes work level, we each other examine if we can have a good business communication together to work with and if he/she is capable of handling the troubles might happen. Or if it was estimated as the case difficult to get mortgage or difficult to keep paying for me at the behind-the-scenes work stage, I can give up before wasting time and energy of not only me but also anyone concerning and shift to at her reachable plan. It's not the place I challenge. I am not a brave. Saving time and money I still can spare my profit and energy to enjoy better thing in my life.

Friday, February 04, 2005

X day ・・・・・・・・・・・ next week

The X day of my 3rd investment property shopping project is fixed in next week finally. It’s due to ex owner who sells this flat to move to Hawaii changed her plan so vertiginously that even property agents concerning got down…. Anyway next week, I have the final examination of property loans by the bank which has already approved by the prior examination before signing to get it.

Meanwhile I got an immovable property registration myself to read and find interesting records on there (as I expected…) I know it is bad taste thing but I love to read the property registration of properties I get interested. If the property had no trouble, and it should be the normal condition, there are not much records to read on. But properties experiencing the property bubble, it often shows interesting history records on it. 15 – 20 years ago in Japan, there was a so-called property bubble period when property price went up sky high and people lived in materialism. For this period, those good properties in central Tokyo bore and swallowed down incredible amount of money and when the bubble busted up, it’s all gone…what left was the long economic stagnation we still can’t get over…I was a young student during the bubble period but have memory of what’s going on around me… One reason I got motivated for the property investigation is I found that once was sky-high priced well-designed flat in good area is now sold out cheep as just one of old flat… Anyway certain properties show all records of what’s going on the bubble and after bubble periods on the registration.
The one I am going to buy, is old but popular for its design showing 70’s spirit, the flat itself is very tiny ( I say tiny in Japan’s scale…so must be almost none to American standard..) studio room. But the registration record says that this tiny studio had a mortgage of a 160 million yen loan in 80’s….how Craaazy……By comparison, the current price is less than 1 in 10 of that money and it’s still high rate compared with the other area. Then in 90’s after bubble period, as typically the flat was foreclosed by creditors including several tax offices and auctioned some years ago. . Hum, so perfect typical record.
This tiny studio Swallowed up 9 in 10 of that money,… Good God, must get full stomach and will work well for me. Indeed I must point that this one had the potential reason to be investigated (the matter was just it’s amount) and such a potentiality has never changed.

By the way I made it the ultra low budget life to save for the down payment in January even having a drunken up night with an old friend from Manchester. Am quit happy to find my new ability!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

where is my memory B-cell and T cells

Passing by Harumi Street at Hibiya, I sensed a mass of empty space nearby unexpectedly and realized there is under construction to be replaced by the old building. Here is my familiar street since I was small.. Nevertheless already can't remember what's building was there before..….. Sigh, How fragile to me is the memory of town I love...

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

bouquets of white lilies

When I was on my way back to office from lunch by my bike yesterday, heard sirens of police cars and an ambulance and a fire-engine approached and overtook me and at the back street of the office found that many polices and ambulance stuffs gathered at one point near the office building next block and vacating around. It was that a middle-age man leaped to his instant death from a small high window of men’s room of that building....
Today at lunch time, saw many bouquets of white lilies placed there..... I of course know none of this man. But as tenants of this building are all good companies, assuming he was the employee of one of the tenant companies there, he must have been one who was able to maintain not bad life at all...... Don't know what happened on him, but if only he was able to understand he had people who buy flower bouquet to pay tribute to his death, did he do it? Some may say people are just a generous at dead... I think a generous at dead means there was a potential generosity there but unfortunate was he was not able to see it or he was not able to show sign of his need of support from people, or he was not able to accept it.....

I am still working for the old fashioned ex-zaibatsu-line company as a tiny one of fungible components of some projects to enjoy a tip of the dynamics of big projects.. Meanwhile, having investigating properties, buying, letting and managing, there are lots personal one to one communication with a variety of professionals involved and it makes even me realize how much support from many people I get for my investment and how important to get right supports from right people.. Otherwise lots holes to get sucked by business theories. I enjoy the dynamics of one to one communication, which is not able to have a chance at the office. Though I see it is difficult to see such a good aspect if I suffered from mental trouble…

Anyway may him rest in peace now...