Saturday, January 01, 2005

Year of the Rooster


Wish no natural disaster this year.

My new year dawn with Noh stage at a local quiet Hatonomori Shrine.

Before making my new year resolution, let's see how this year of mine going to...

my 2005 predicted by Metropolis astrologer Cathryn Moe I beleave the best

SCORPIO October 24 -ovember 22
Although you were born for the Power that secrecy brings, in 2005 you might feel a need to share yourself. You may have noticed that the everyday comfort levels friends and family take for granted have escaped you lately. The Mars/Uranus square on New Year's Eve could bring your guard up. Then unexpectedly, the Venus/Pluto/Mercury conjunction in early January completely disarms you, and your heart melts. Now what do you do? You could hone in on the energy of Pluto, your ruling planet, to find how much armor you'll need. But you won't, because the benefits from the Neptune/Jupiter trine in mid-March open your subconscious mind to your dreams, giving you all the protection you need. Chiron in Scorpio opposite Mercury clears the air with partners around May 22, and a summer of preparation helps you handle the love vs. work, Venus/Mars opposition in your Sign on October 2. Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 27, making autumn the beginning of a 12-year lucky cycle.