Wednesday, January 26, 2005

hey fever within few weeks

It's such a cold these days that it was snowing this morning yet I can sense the sun getting stronger day by day and air already implies smell of spring, smell of dust in the spring air, which also imply flower blossom and all the summer things following. But before enjoying spring and summer, this year, it is predicted that within few weeks the amount of the cedar pollen which causes allergy to hay fever sufferers including me will increase more than 10 times than ordinary years due to the hotness of the last summer....…....Hell. I used have no cedar pollen allergy and sudden of all one spring, I started itching eyes, sneezing and feeling in a daze (as always?) and they become annual visitor to me. Hum, This must be the reason I am sleepy and lazy this week.…....

I have a younger sister working as a part-time lecturer at several collages in Tokyo. Surprised to hear was that she's got a position at a college in a very northern city of Japan and going to move there this spring. Both our parents are from city of Osaka and all our relatives are living and working among Tokyo, Osaka, is something my last idea to have someone of my family choose to live in a such a local city. As she says, she wanted to get a full-time lecturer position at any collage in Tokyo, but the competition is sky high and her supervisor never give her the recommendation for her because of the gender discrimination she determined to escape to local area where would be less getting position competition and therefore less gender discrimination.
Fair point of view, knowing my sister well since she was born, she has so much the desire of our childish mom, that is good at school performance but has totally childish personality and mentality. If she were man of such personality and mentality, would be difficult to get even part-time lecturer position. In other word, because she was girlish she was allowed to be what she was and still to get the position to satisfy her childish vanity by the gender discrimination. Losing her youth and growing childish ambition, she chooses to escape to local area with a good excuse of the gender discrimination instead of confronting herself in real life. Of course it's her life and I've got to blame her nothing. Anyway the relationship between sisters is not such fragile to be broken. But I think I see a kind of this case on friends of mine has given up her management position to take the break, one has suddenly gone to America for study of something. Some have given up working in large companies for large business and changed to small companies for small business fields. They were, once upon a time, really attractive, aggressive and positive women who had passion for their jobs more than me and could give me encouragements lots. One says I am reading a book " how to make a life of annual income of three million yen" with cynical creeping smile. She too is the urban singleton and it’s the life she wanted. No matter of men and women, any working people who can’t show power to keep face forward at their 30’s, it makes difficult to make it in future. So just I feel wistful for the fact we no longer share the exiting time to discuss our positive future plans as we had before.