Friday, January 14, 2005

Good advice

Just read the most helpful carrier up advice among the sea of crumb carrier advices in Japanese. For instance,

" if you are in preparation for setting up your business or some certification exam but have to stay the current position while until your time comes, have to show yourself as low as possible. Because such a willful person tend to emit their aggressive power and is likely to be assigned busy positions.

Very "honne"-genuine advice I see rare in Japanese!! Ah, but of course the frequency I meet is not important, Happy is that I could find right one at right time. I will keep this advice because this advice strikes me right who is in need to save my energy for my certificate exam study a much as possible. Something still interesting is roaming internet vaguely without paying money one can find the right advice. Neverthless things which have great importance on my life and spirit always come through communication with good people.
There days at the evening study school I go for exam preparation, I often joke " If only the company laid off me now, I could have lump-sum and study-time together....." ( Not joking to me....this is my genuine feeling.) If the company could lay off me, the company pays a good amount of extra severance pay by tradition and my dole would be paid immediately If I quit the company on my own, the little dole could start to be paid 6 months later. No way.