Friday, January 07, 2005

going to have moderate life

Glad that well survived 7 days this year. It's my big project of this year to live up to as little budget as possible so am enjoying survival every day.
I am planning to buy my 3RD investment property this month (still got little more negotiation matters though...) HAPPY is this is one of those I desired to have so much because of not only profitability reason but also its architectural design. Anyway need some cash for deposit and (though there is no problem with my cash flow,) I would like to try to reduce amount of my debts as much as possible this year. Maybe I am gonna to live like Salary man who's hard working gain is snatched by his wife and children and had to survive pocket money as little as 20-30 thousands yen for a month….. No, of course no one including myself believes I can live such way!!!

Hum, this is good chance to straight my life to study the word SAVING in my dictionary. I might have been spending too much money for noting to maintain urban life for last few years...(even taking into account that I was once money less and jobless 4 years ago....) Off course my life is far very very moderate compared with those of Sex And The City and some image of high class urban singleton. I don't have Jimmy Choo shoos. I don't have HERMES Birkin bag (bought a GUCCI bag last month though). Think I have been loosing some sense of consideration and emotional event whenever some money is leaving from my wallet. I have been loosing the habit to calculate how much I can spend this month therefore this one is worth to pay or not. Or little excitement that I can order a dish of not the cheapest one or can order another dish and another pint at Izakaya.
I am neither a daughter of royalty nor economic tycoon, should live the moderate way for what I am. Indeed some people who believe having the right to give advice to me...such as my parents… have given me advices;
"Think many family of say parents and 2 kids are living as the same or little budget as mine alone."
"Think majority of women workers gain half of yours or less"I understand what these advices imply is..... "Have modesty"..... The first one it is understandable based on the myth that "better to be the same as neighbors" and the myth of late of the last century that 90% of Japanese are equally in middle class. The second one, yet, I have to say how it sounds discouraging!! " It's like you've got to stay poor because your friends are poor"!! Thanks TOO MUCH. Should I reply " Oh, I have to make More-gain-for-woman-workers movement?" But again I must consider in this religion-less and philosophy-less and material era of modern Japan, it is difficult to teach someone modesty. I may say the say way if I give someone advice. If I were a believer of monotheism religion, could say "God knows" but no. "Sun knows" "Stars know"...I used to be told by my parents in my childhood...sound just too childish. Have to think how I can explain “modesty” without religion and without discouraging.