Thursday, January 27, 2005

"Gegege no Kitaro" is going to be filmed in live-action version!!

"Gegege no Kitaro" (60’s, 70’s and 80’s) is a national popular specter's manga and TV anime of Mizuki Sigeru and of course I can't forget its national popular intro, "ge, ge, gegegenoge......" Kitaro is a boy born from his poor dead specter mother in the graveyard and grow by his impeller eye father (rest of his body was rotten away) and lives a small hut on the tree with a red specter post at bottom. People who suffered from specters writes a letter to Kitaro and the letter is delivered to his red specter post and he stands up. I used to love original manga version for its dark, heavy, disastrous hopeless mood with humid air.Unfortunately as TV serious going, it become lighter and brighter and for love and peace. The original story was like, though the nasty specters who harmed people were slew, they did because human development destroyed nature to threaten their quiet lives, actually they were victims of wild development of human.. Could sound a typical 60's message. But not such boring as love and peace message. (as long as involving fight and death of enemy how could it be for love and peace!! I say such a brazen claim should ONLY be a patent of America.) Anyway in "Gegege no Kitaro" there are lots our favorite specters in it. I am very looking forward how they look and who will act in live-action version!