Tuesday, January 04, 2005

a formal announcement of Princess Sayako's engagement

Bit old story though, a happy news at the end of last year was a formal announcement of Princess Sayako's engagement set on 30th of Dec.

Realized I hardly listened Princess Sayako's speech so far, yet beleaved in she was totally dull ( one reason was obviously she had no resemble in her beautiful mother, Empress Michiko.. and one of other reason I used hear some old frineds being her class mates at Gakusyuin used to love to joke about how dull she was.....). But listening her engagement interview on TV, I just adored her. She spoke beautiful Japanese I thought it had lost long ago and she spoke slowly yet firmly her own words for answering the interviewer's question with sincere concentration. Princess Sayaka has the very sensitivity only right people possesses. How many of my age people who scorned her can have such strong concentration for speaking? And her fiancé, Mr. Kuroda also spoke beautiful Japanese with joke as slowly as Princess Sayako's, that was, he'd got the real wit.

Princess Sayako choose neither conventional marriage of a daughter of someone noble and a son of someone rich nor reacting of impulsive strong emotion (people easily mistake it’s "love"), in other word, not following fairy tales like princess story, but found her lifelong warm soul companion. It's very modern and willing. She will make happy life. Hum, anyway she made it. Maybe I've got to move to create my own story.