Friday, January 21, 2005

Diary of aVagabond

Sometime I have hits to my blog via Google search of "Hayashi Fumiko" and I somehow took it as 林芙美子, Hayashi Fumiko, a women novelist of early last century and was wondering who of non-Japanese had interested in her for what reason then realized it's 林文子 "Hayashi Fumiko" of a woman president of BMW Tokyo whose talk I heard hast summer. Their names are written in different Kanji but have the same sounds to be written in alphabet. No wonder. The novelist Fumiko Hayashi is actually one of my favorite women novelists. Her "Diary of a Vagabond" is an the journal I always keep in mind when writing my blog. I am far and far below though..... Also I am still bad at diary style description about what going around. (My eyes still can't see outside.) "Diary of a Vagabond" is a diary young woman of urban lower class days of before the World War 2. At the time, I guess atmosphere of urban life had common in countries that took some roles in the World War 2. Such days the contrast of light and shadow was dazzling vivid. (Unlike modern Tokyo everywhere is bleached.) She was one of those who lived in shadow side, battered by the weight of everyday life of getting daily job for daily meal, lots concern if she could eat tonight or not, if she could pay her rent every month, and daily life with battered people and her battered parents kept begging her money and concern....Of course there was a joy of life, fashion, fun and dating with men as well and she kept writing her diary, poems and stories and never given up making effort to publish her writing. Reading the book, such her life and personality emerges from sentences of diary of daily trivial events.

By the way, Searching her name at, I found an interesting book about a writer Hayashi Fumiko is published in US

Be a Woman: Hayashi Fumiko and Modern Japanese Women's Literature

This has even a translation of "Diary of aVagabond" her most famous diary novel......... interesting to see how her Japanese could be translated in English……