Tuesday, January 18, 2005

10 years

Yesterday, It was a 10 years memorial of the Great Hanshin Earthquake died 6433 people.

What strikes me is it’s not only shock people graved, but also countless number of nameless people like local doctors, police, civil officers, NPO workers etc got to regret at the time and reflected well and says they could help at Niigata Earthquake in better ways. Great people.
On the other hand, looking back my 10 years ago, I wasn't in Japan.....I was studying in London, was eager for news as Internet was not yet popular.....though I used internet already from school library's internet PC, for opening one page it took minutes of unbearable long waiting time. So looking back 10 years ago,,, I can't stop myself get blush.... how primitive, dazed and confused, immature being I was....and what I feel my face burning is such my nature well exhibits toward communication with friends and people around!!! If I were writing my blog about what I was thinking at the time and the blog still exists, it thrills me to imagine how I would make reaction. Too shamed to read? Or nostalgia to days (mentally) in youth? Well I take this distance as my progress (hopefully) And what would I react if I read my current blogs 10 years later? Hope I would be doing something worth for the society and would laugh at my blogof 2005 how green I was!!