Thursday, January 27, 2005

"Gegege no Kitaro" is going to be filmed in live-action version!!

"Gegege no Kitaro" (60’s, 70’s and 80’s) is a national popular specter's manga and TV anime of Mizuki Sigeru and of course I can't forget its national popular intro, "ge, ge, gegegenoge......" Kitaro is a boy born from his poor dead specter mother in the graveyard and grow by his impeller eye father (rest of his body was rotten away) and lives a small hut on the tree with a red specter post at bottom. People who suffered from specters writes a letter to Kitaro and the letter is delivered to his red specter post and he stands up. I used to love original manga version for its dark, heavy, disastrous hopeless mood with humid air.Unfortunately as TV serious going, it become lighter and brighter and for love and peace. The original story was like, though the nasty specters who harmed people were slew, they did because human development destroyed nature to threaten their quiet lives, actually they were victims of wild development of human.. Could sound a typical 60's message. But not such boring as love and peace message. (as long as involving fight and death of enemy how could it be for love and peace!! I say such a brazen claim should ONLY be a patent of America.) Anyway in "Gegege no Kitaro" there are lots our favorite specters in it. I am very looking forward how they look and who will act in live-action version!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

hey fever within few weeks

It's such a cold these days that it was snowing this morning yet I can sense the sun getting stronger day by day and air already implies smell of spring, smell of dust in the spring air, which also imply flower blossom and all the summer things following. But before enjoying spring and summer, this year, it is predicted that within few weeks the amount of the cedar pollen which causes allergy to hay fever sufferers including me will increase more than 10 times than ordinary years due to the hotness of the last summer....…....Hell. I used have no cedar pollen allergy and sudden of all one spring, I started itching eyes, sneezing and feeling in a daze (as always?) and they become annual visitor to me. Hum, This must be the reason I am sleepy and lazy this week.…....

I have a younger sister working as a part-time lecturer at several collages in Tokyo. Surprised to hear was that she's got a position at a college in a very northern city of Japan and going to move there this spring. Both our parents are from city of Osaka and all our relatives are living and working among Tokyo, Osaka, is something my last idea to have someone of my family choose to live in a such a local city. As she says, she wanted to get a full-time lecturer position at any collage in Tokyo, but the competition is sky high and her supervisor never give her the recommendation for her because of the gender discrimination she determined to escape to local area where would be less getting position competition and therefore less gender discrimination.
Fair point of view, knowing my sister well since she was born, she has so much the desire of our childish mom, that is good at school performance but has totally childish personality and mentality. If she were man of such personality and mentality, would be difficult to get even part-time lecturer position. In other word, because she was girlish she was allowed to be what she was and still to get the position to satisfy her childish vanity by the gender discrimination. Losing her youth and growing childish ambition, she chooses to escape to local area with a good excuse of the gender discrimination instead of confronting herself in real life. Of course it's her life and I've got to blame her nothing. Anyway the relationship between sisters is not such fragile to be broken. But I think I see a kind of this case on friends of mine has given up her management position to take the break, one has suddenly gone to America for study of something. Some have given up working in large companies for large business and changed to small companies for small business fields. They were, once upon a time, really attractive, aggressive and positive women who had passion for their jobs more than me and could give me encouragements lots. One says I am reading a book " how to make a life of annual income of three million yen" with cynical creeping smile. She too is the urban singleton and it’s the life she wanted. No matter of men and women, any working people who can’t show power to keep face forward at their 30’s, it makes difficult to make it in future. So just I feel wistful for the fact we no longer share the exiting time to discuss our positive future plans as we had before.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Diary of aVagabond

Sometime I have hits to my blog via Google search of "Hayashi Fumiko" and I somehow took it as 林芙美子, Hayashi Fumiko, a women novelist of early last century and was wondering who of non-Japanese had interested in her for what reason then realized it's 林文子 "Hayashi Fumiko" of a woman president of BMW Tokyo whose talk I heard hast summer. Their names are written in different Kanji but have the same sounds to be written in alphabet. No wonder. The novelist Fumiko Hayashi is actually one of my favorite women novelists. Her "Diary of a Vagabond" is an the journal I always keep in mind when writing my blog. I am far and far below though..... Also I am still bad at diary style description about what going around. (My eyes still can't see outside.) "Diary of a Vagabond" is a diary young woman of urban lower class days of before the World War 2. At the time, I guess atmosphere of urban life had common in countries that took some roles in the World War 2. Such days the contrast of light and shadow was dazzling vivid. (Unlike modern Tokyo everywhere is bleached.) She was one of those who lived in shadow side, battered by the weight of everyday life of getting daily job for daily meal, lots concern if she could eat tonight or not, if she could pay her rent every month, and daily life with battered people and her battered parents kept begging her money and concern....Of course there was a joy of life, fashion, fun and dating with men as well and she kept writing her diary, poems and stories and never given up making effort to publish her writing. Reading the book, such her life and personality emerges from sentences of diary of daily trivial events.

By the way, Searching her name at, I found an interesting book about a writer Hayashi Fumiko is published in US

Be a Woman: Hayashi Fumiko and Modern Japanese Women's Literature

This has even a translation of "Diary of aVagabond" her most famous diary novel......... interesting to see how her Japanese could be translated in English……

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

10 years

Yesterday, It was a 10 years memorial of the Great Hanshin Earthquake died 6433 people.

What strikes me is it’s not only shock people graved, but also countless number of nameless people like local doctors, police, civil officers, NPO workers etc got to regret at the time and reflected well and says they could help at Niigata Earthquake in better ways. Great people.
On the other hand, looking back my 10 years ago, I wasn't in Japan.....I was studying in London, was eager for news as Internet was not yet popular.....though I used internet already from school library's internet PC, for opening one page it took minutes of unbearable long waiting time. So looking back 10 years ago,,, I can't stop myself get blush.... how primitive, dazed and confused, immature being I was....and what I feel my face burning is such my nature well exhibits toward communication with friends and people around!!! If I were writing my blog about what I was thinking at the time and the blog still exists, it thrills me to imagine how I would make reaction. Too shamed to read? Or nostalgia to days (mentally) in youth? Well I take this distance as my progress (hopefully) And what would I react if I read my current blogs 10 years later? Hope I would be doing something worth for the society and would laugh at my blogof 2005 how green I was!!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Good advice

Just read the most helpful carrier up advice among the sea of crumb carrier advices in Japanese. For instance,

" if you are in preparation for setting up your business or some certification exam but have to stay the current position while until your time comes, have to show yourself as low as possible. Because such a willful person tend to emit their aggressive power and is likely to be assigned busy positions.

Very "honne"-genuine advice I see rare in Japanese!! Ah, but of course the frequency I meet is not important, Happy is that I could find right one at right time. I will keep this advice because this advice strikes me right who is in need to save my energy for my certificate exam study a much as possible. Something still interesting is roaming internet vaguely without paying money one can find the right advice. Neverthless things which have great importance on my life and spirit always come through communication with good people.
There days at the evening study school I go for exam preparation, I often joke " If only the company laid off me now, I could have lump-sum and study-time together....." ( Not joking to me....this is my genuine feeling.) If the company could lay off me, the company pays a good amount of extra severance pay by tradition and my dole would be paid immediately If I quit the company on my own, the little dole could start to be paid 6 months later. No way.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ski Jumping Pairs 2

By the way,
"Neener-neener neener"
Found this word in a mail from a friend of mine. I could see this word is used to express her very joy but trying to look into online dictionaries and google, so far can't find what's excatly this word is, where this wordcomes from and how can I use this word....

So, Ski Jumping Pairs is comming back as "Ski Jumping Pairs 2" Is it the case for "Neener neener neener"? No, somehow I am sure it's not. All I can say about it is "wow, this fool again!" and guffaw! Very cool work!

seems on release in America too. here

Friday, January 07, 2005

going to have moderate life

Glad that well survived 7 days this year. It's my big project of this year to live up to as little budget as possible so am enjoying survival every day.
I am planning to buy my 3RD investment property this month (still got little more negotiation matters though...) HAPPY is this is one of those I desired to have so much because of not only profitability reason but also its architectural design. Anyway need some cash for deposit and (though there is no problem with my cash flow,) I would like to try to reduce amount of my debts as much as possible this year. Maybe I am gonna to live like Salary man who's hard working gain is snatched by his wife and children and had to survive pocket money as little as 20-30 thousands yen for a month….. No, of course no one including myself believes I can live such way!!!

Hum, this is good chance to straight my life to study the word SAVING in my dictionary. I might have been spending too much money for noting to maintain urban life for last few years...(even taking into account that I was once money less and jobless 4 years ago....) Off course my life is far very very moderate compared with those of Sex And The City and some image of high class urban singleton. I don't have Jimmy Choo shoos. I don't have HERMES Birkin bag (bought a GUCCI bag last month though). Think I have been loosing some sense of consideration and emotional event whenever some money is leaving from my wallet. I have been loosing the habit to calculate how much I can spend this month therefore this one is worth to pay or not. Or little excitement that I can order a dish of not the cheapest one or can order another dish and another pint at Izakaya.
I am neither a daughter of royalty nor economic tycoon, should live the moderate way for what I am. Indeed some people who believe having the right to give advice to me...such as my parents… have given me advices;
"Think many family of say parents and 2 kids are living as the same or little budget as mine alone."
"Think majority of women workers gain half of yours or less"I understand what these advices imply is..... "Have modesty"..... The first one it is understandable based on the myth that "better to be the same as neighbors" and the myth of late of the last century that 90% of Japanese are equally in middle class. The second one, yet, I have to say how it sounds discouraging!! " It's like you've got to stay poor because your friends are poor"!! Thanks TOO MUCH. Should I reply " Oh, I have to make More-gain-for-woman-workers movement?" But again I must consider in this religion-less and philosophy-less and material era of modern Japan, it is difficult to teach someone modesty. I may say the say way if I give someone advice. If I were a believer of monotheism religion, could say "God knows" but no. "Sun knows" "Stars know"...I used to be told by my parents in my childhood...sound just too childish. Have to think how I can explain “modesty” without religion and without discouraging.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

a formal announcement of Princess Sayako's engagement

Bit old story though, a happy news at the end of last year was a formal announcement of Princess Sayako's engagement set on 30th of Dec.

Realized I hardly listened Princess Sayako's speech so far, yet beleaved in she was totally dull ( one reason was obviously she had no resemble in her beautiful mother, Empress Michiko.. and one of other reason I used hear some old frineds being her class mates at Gakusyuin used to love to joke about how dull she was.....). But listening her engagement interview on TV, I just adored her. She spoke beautiful Japanese I thought it had lost long ago and she spoke slowly yet firmly her own words for answering the interviewer's question with sincere concentration. Princess Sayaka has the very sensitivity only right people possesses. How many of my age people who scorned her can have such strong concentration for speaking? And her fiancé, Mr. Kuroda also spoke beautiful Japanese with joke as slowly as Princess Sayako's, that was, he'd got the real wit.

Princess Sayako choose neither conventional marriage of a daughter of someone noble and a son of someone rich nor reacting of impulsive strong emotion (people easily mistake it’s "love"), in other word, not following fairy tales like princess story, but found her lifelong warm soul companion. It's very modern and willing. She will make happy life. Hum, anyway she made it. Maybe I've got to move to create my own story.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Year of the Rooster


Wish no natural disaster this year.

My new year dawn with Noh stage at a local quiet Hatonomori Shrine.

Before making my new year resolution, let's see how this year of mine going to...

my 2005 predicted by Metropolis astrologer Cathryn Moe I beleave the best

SCORPIO October 24 -ovember 22
Although you were born for the Power that secrecy brings, in 2005 you might feel a need to share yourself. You may have noticed that the everyday comfort levels friends and family take for granted have escaped you lately. The Mars/Uranus square on New Year's Eve could bring your guard up. Then unexpectedly, the Venus/Pluto/Mercury conjunction in early January completely disarms you, and your heart melts. Now what do you do? You could hone in on the energy of Pluto, your ruling planet, to find how much armor you'll need. But you won't, because the benefits from the Neptune/Jupiter trine in mid-March open your subconscious mind to your dreams, giving you all the protection you need. Chiron in Scorpio opposite Mercury clears the air with partners around May 22, and a summer of preparation helps you handle the love vs. work, Venus/Mars opposition in your Sign on October 2. Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 27, making autumn the beginning of a 12-year lucky cycle.