Monday, December 20, 2004

tracking santa

NOEAD....the binominal military organization of Canada and the United States who responsible for the aerospace defense of the two countries dose work proper way to use their expensive gadgets and budgets once a year to track Santa Claus on December 24.... here

By the way, I sent a friend of mine a Christmas card on which many smalls Santa’s carrying fat red bags are on and around the Kyoto's five-story pagoda and even the reindeer sled is running in the sky. We concluded that this must be the picture of Santa’s attack on the pagoda from sky using their reindeer sleds in order to steal treasures in the pagoda! Discussing about this I was not joking but honestly thinking If I could have the flying reindeer sled, what can I do? Attacking rich house at the top floor of some tower building, that's small...Attacking some bank....but how can I get the safety vault? Attacking Empire State Building?.... Could be a King Good theme to think over Christmas season.