Friday, December 17, 2004

the need of training my inner state

Saved by a good news right before the end of office hours yesterday that today's some meeting I've got give a presentation therefore I was mad at preparing presentation materials was postponed, yes! With the joy for this extra time (must be a present from Santa!), checking those presentation materials I meant to give today by today's relaxed eyes, made me depress far down the bottom of Japan trench for the amounts of grammatically unclear and logical unclear and structurally unclear points everywhere......Hell...Plus I am luck of graphical sense at making PowerPoint material.... Of course I know that the cause of the problem is I do always by last minute job in panic......As one of modern people living in tight time ( I hope but indeed I am not... exactly saying my schedule is tight because so much time is spared for free and drink...), last minute job is not the matter but getting in panic for no time is the matter.……………. when I think about this kind of the need of training my inner state, I must say that the doctrines of religions look helpful. But the next moment the idea of inkling particular religion out of many religions makes me fell less free so I gave up the idea and therefore I still live in this mess. Mmmm,,,