Friday, December 10, 2004

Miwatasu Tecyo

Bought another organizer to switch from Franklins which I bought only few months ago. Using Franklin organizer, I admit Franklins is really well designed to organize the life but somehow I felt too much to me. Using the Franklins was like, given one straight way in front of me in future, "follow the Franklins way to have success in life, or you will lose". And what there was on this shining straight way to success is just a worker bee molded in the stereo typed form of "successes in business". I know if only I can accept to follow this way to be molded, life is much easier. Unfortunately I am the one who need to be freedom of mind as only possession and find beauty of person in the way not molded, so I concluded the Franklins is not for me.

Then this new organizer I found is called "Miwatasu Tecyo" which means "overlooking organizer" This is pure Japanese organizer and well designed to look over one's full life such in many excellent ways like
1) This organizer is designed to use the side down....just like a small note PC so that rows has as enough wide as a small notebook.
2) it can life schedule of from new born to 120 years old of one's age. And also 12 years schedule for middle range plan and usual 1-year schedule and monthly and weekly schedule as well.
3) It is designed to record anything I would like to record. It's my choice about what to record just a matter of putting title. As this organizer is designed for life of 120 years, it recommend for instance to have one page a record of where I lived when and how long, one page a record of PCs I used,,,,,,the other page the record of books I read, etc...what ever I want record....
So, this organizer gives me very freedom to design my life which I need just like the air. I need freedom. This freedom dose not opposes capitalism whatever. In order to keep the freedom of mind of mine, I need good finances therefore I need a good organizer I control for investment but not be controlled by the organizer.

At the moment, I put down titles of the lists for
1) places I lived
2) books I read
3) books I am gonna to read
4) haircut I had with remark on them
5) essence for skin worked and not worked well
6) properties I own
7) properties I aim to buy in some future

8) data of ten-thousand-yen bill fly out of my wallet.

Hum. what else. let me see...............