Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Having technical trouble to fully change into mayumical... how stupid I tried such project at this season of the year, Asked Blogger Support for help but no reply except the receiving notification yet ....sure who works this season of the year in Christian countries...and it's the last working day of this year to me. It is gonna to be in 6 days official new year holiday from tomorrow. So my changing into mayumical project is postponed to the next year.

What the busy these days is, finishing Christmas immediately have to switch to the end of the year mood... 

This is the picture on 25th at my local street, This house already finished traditional new year decoration with a couple of high bamboos in front of their house and lots bamboos at their entrance whereas there is still Christmas decoration snowman sitting on the poll in front of their house to celebrate Christmas. Hum, which will win in time……seeing the contrast of impact of two decorations, makes me wistful… I have to finish my New Year decoration tonight, otherwise 30th. New year decoration on 29 and 31st is the bad manner, but can no longer remember what my mum used to call for New Year decoration on these days to mean the mannerless. The moment I feel I am just a drop of water in ocean.

.........after lunch time

running around Kanda by my bike at lunch time, spotted the an outdoor stool where
some men handmake and sell real new year's overdoors. The new years overdoors they were making and selling made of real Mikan and real seaweed, etc which I hardly see lately and men working looked not much different from homeless but handmaking new year's overdoors with very care and concentration. Considering while (for money matter off course), I determined to buy a middle size one. As I told them I'll have one, one of men stood up slowly and taking enough time to choose the best one for me and check every details OK, then asked me if I need a bag and I replied yes, now all men started looking for the bag for me under the stool to find maybe tooo large bag, After little discussion among them, anyway my new year overdoor was wrapped carefully...like wrapping a baby....and knotted by a white and red new year string and placed carefully in the front basket of my bike. Five minutes, ten minutes in total? Having real best genuine and careful service of not manualized from these men obviously awkward in many ways, I felt just very warm and wish them happy new year and wish happy new year for myself and for the world (no more disaster please!) .
(ah, but fixing the new year overdoor above door work is waiting me tonight. As being petit creature, it’s the moment I wish to keep a man power.