Thursday, December 02, 2004

good morning

Passing through Jingu Gaien to office by my bike as usual this morning, it was a winter sunny morning and good little windy was blowing fallen leaves up to cover this usually immaculate street of Jingu Gaien with fallen golden leaves. Each time cars run the street, dry golden leaves are blown up in the air and as the car went away, there were a dance of blown leaves shining under morning sun with the sound of a rustle of leaves while. What the gorgeous beauty!! Seeing this power of beauty of simple nature moves me so much, I see no human-made can't overcome the nature.

You might laugh at me this is nothing special. But living and working in this over crowded city of Tokyo, it is not easy job to find the beauty of nature in daily life so I am living very sensitive to find it in my daily life. Seeing the band of stuffs of the National Stadium run out with brooms and dustpans in their hands, just imagining the ice appeared suddenly on their way and they all slipped and could not get the street to clear those fallen leaves away, I was very satisfied with joy.