Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Having technical trouble to fully change into mayumical... how stupid I tried such project at this season of the year, Asked Blogger Support for help but no reply except the receiving notification yet ....sure who works this season of the year in Christian countries...and it's the last working day of this year to me. It is gonna to be in 6 days official new year holiday from tomorrow. So my changing into mayumical project is postponed to the next year.

What the busy these days is, finishing Christmas immediately have to switch to the end of the year mood... 

This is the picture on 25th at my local street, This house already finished traditional new year decoration with a couple of high bamboos in front of their house and lots bamboos at their entrance whereas there is still Christmas decoration snowman sitting on the poll in front of their house to celebrate Christmas. Hum, which will win in time……seeing the contrast of impact of two decorations, makes me wistful… I have to finish my New Year decoration tonight, otherwise 30th. New year decoration on 29 and 31st is the bad manner, but can no longer remember what my mum used to call for New Year decoration on these days to mean the mannerless. The moment I feel I am just a drop of water in ocean.

.........after lunch time

running around Kanda by my bike at lunch time, spotted the an outdoor stool where
some men handmake and sell real new year's overdoors. The new years overdoors they were making and selling made of real Mikan and real seaweed, etc which I hardly see lately and men working looked not much different from homeless but handmaking new year's overdoors with very care and concentration. Considering while (for money matter off course), I determined to buy a middle size one. As I told them I'll have one, one of men stood up slowly and taking enough time to choose the best one for me and check every details OK, then asked me if I need a bag and I replied yes, now all men started looking for the bag for me under the stool to find maybe tooo large bag, After little discussion among them, anyway my new year overdoor was wrapped carefully...like wrapping a baby....and knotted by a white and red new year string and placed carefully in the front basket of my bike. Five minutes, ten minutes in total? Having real best genuine and careful service of not manualized from these men obviously awkward in many ways, I felt just very warm and wish them happy new year and wish happy new year for myself and for the world (no more disaster please!) .
(ah, but fixing the new year overdoor above door work is waiting me tonight. As being petit creature, it’s the moment I wish to keep a man power.

Sunday, December 26, 2004


test post

Friday, December 24, 2004

Changed blog name

I am no longer mayumix but mayumical.!!!....sounds much rhythmical ( I wish). not serious reason for this change though, one reason was after I started my blog, I realized so many mayumix out in internet world already. Other reason was that I opened Mayumix to put down just the casual going out life of mine in urban Tokyo but somehow soon I fed up with such life (this may be the blog effect...so called) and widened my playground in many direction including being just happy or including the world of money and business and investment in which I see the only world the real life and humanity exists. The another name for another purpose, just like changing clothes for fitting daily feeling.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A morning after midwinter

the midwinter day is said to be the day of 一陽来福 'Ichiyo Raifuku) means after dark midwinter when the day is the shortest, day turns to longer, that is the positive overcomes the negative. This tradition implies how long and how worst the dark time one had, once the darkest day passed, the light shines and happiness comes back. This is one of my favorite sayings from Chinese old something (I thought) Anyway this morning was a morning after midwinter. This light must be the light to all goodness and positives.

9:00AM on Dec 22 H16, at Jingu Gaien, Tokyo

Monday, December 20, 2004

tracking santa

NOEAD....the binominal military organization of Canada and the United States who responsible for the aerospace defense of the two countries dose work proper way to use their expensive gadgets and budgets once a year to track Santa Claus on December 24.... here

By the way, I sent a friend of mine a Christmas card on which many smalls Santa’s carrying fat red bags are on and around the Kyoto's five-story pagoda and even the reindeer sled is running in the sky. We concluded that this must be the picture of Santa’s attack on the pagoda from sky using their reindeer sleds in order to steal treasures in the pagoda! Discussing about this I was not joking but honestly thinking If I could have the flying reindeer sled, what can I do? Attacking rich house at the top floor of some tower building, that's small...Attacking some bank....but how can I get the safety vault? Attacking Empire State Building?.... Could be a King Good theme to think over Christmas season.

Friday, December 17, 2004

the need of training my inner state

Saved by a good news right before the end of office hours yesterday that today's some meeting I've got give a presentation therefore I was mad at preparing presentation materials was postponed, yes! With the joy for this extra time (must be a present from Santa!), checking those presentation materials I meant to give today by today's relaxed eyes, made me depress far down the bottom of Japan trench for the amounts of grammatically unclear and logical unclear and structurally unclear points everywhere......Hell...Plus I am luck of graphical sense at making PowerPoint material.... Of course I know that the cause of the problem is I do always by last minute job in panic......As one of modern people living in tight time ( I hope but indeed I am not... exactly saying my schedule is tight because so much time is spared for free and drink...), last minute job is not the matter but getting in panic for no time is the matter.……………. when I think about this kind of the need of training my inner state, I must say that the doctrines of religions look helpful. But the next moment the idea of inkling particular religion out of many religions makes me fell less free so I gave up the idea and therefore I still live in this mess. Mmmm,,,

Thursday, December 16, 2004

I am one of those who was unpleasant on hearing the news that the Chronicles of Narnia; The lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe is filmed under creation of Walt Disney studios, but can not ignore how it is going. Disney film is for people who dose not express feeling on the news of making butshow reaction against their promotion of the film though. Anyway the news gave me the thought about my old theme: what the difference between speaking lion and not-speaking lion in many ways. Let me see....

left: speaking lion, right: MGM lion who dose not speak

Monday, December 13, 2004

gloomy Sunday

As I am studying for the certificate exam next summer, I spend as much time in study room of the local library these days. This old local library, placed just off busy Takeshita street but wrapped by woods of Togo shrine, is very quiet and in peace with little people in and out. Although it's not easy job to up and down flights of stairs of this for-story plus an underground building with no lift and no escalator, it has complicated architectures as of good old building I love and I wish to be preserved forever yet loosing everyday from Tokyo.. . On the other hand, as homeless people drastically increased last some years, it has been not only local book lovers who came to this library but lots homeless or seemingly homeless people from Yoyogi park who find this library peace. These dirty and smelly men gather and chat at the small porch by the front door where a small pond is and some take the reading seat of the library with some magazines or some book like acts of Parliament... some even sit and sleep on the floor.....On the board of the voice from library user, There has been lots claim about these people but the response from the library was always they couldn't choose the library users for how they look. But it seemed the librarian stood up and now I see the librarian with guard armband walk around in the library more and more often.

So it was Sunday morning, it was cold and was occasionally cold winter rain. On the way to the library by my bike I was thinking there would be less book readers and more homeless who shade from the rain and cold in the library, and indeed I saw some people who looks like homeless people standing and bellowing each other at the front porch and my heart sunk. But it's not the homeless people's conversation. It was that the library stuff was attempting to get rid of some homeless from the library and these poor homelessness’ were trying to show their last holdout. The librarian was wealthy looking middle-aged and stood firmly wearing tick air of "I am justice, I am on the behalf of this library and all the innocent library users. I AM THE JUSTICE" and bellowed to those poor people as if to dogs, "go away, here is not the place for you, just go, go and no return!" These bellowed homeless people on the other hand, just stood there with their faces red of anger and eyes wide of sadness and desperation, and were desperately trying to say something to this man but no cool word enough to express their feeling came from their mouths.
Their angers, angers against this violation of their human dignity, and angers for desperation to themselves for having no word to express their anger and to comeback this librarian. It such hurts. As I am passing by the librarian to enter the library, the librarian glimpsed me with triumph smile, I see he must have been doing this job everyday for us, so maybe that was the effective way to do he found.
As I am the one of those who concern investigate, I often joke, if I lost, I would live in a shelter out of cardboard as homeless, I see women homeless often. But see. This is what is the looser is. Once lost, it not just about money and life style. No word against the violation of human dignity can come out. I won’t forget these homeless faces forever.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Miwatasu Tecyo

Bought another organizer to switch from Franklins which I bought only few months ago. Using Franklin organizer, I admit Franklins is really well designed to organize the life but somehow I felt too much to me. Using the Franklins was like, given one straight way in front of me in future, "follow the Franklins way to have success in life, or you will lose". And what there was on this shining straight way to success is just a worker bee molded in the stereo typed form of "successes in business". I know if only I can accept to follow this way to be molded, life is much easier. Unfortunately I am the one who need to be freedom of mind as only possession and find beauty of person in the way not molded, so I concluded the Franklins is not for me.

Then this new organizer I found is called "Miwatasu Tecyo" which means "overlooking organizer" This is pure Japanese organizer and well designed to look over one's full life such in many excellent ways like
1) This organizer is designed to use the side down....just like a small note PC so that rows has as enough wide as a small notebook.
2) it can life schedule of from new born to 120 years old of one's age. And also 12 years schedule for middle range plan and usual 1-year schedule and monthly and weekly schedule as well.
3) It is designed to record anything I would like to record. It's my choice about what to record just a matter of putting title. As this organizer is designed for life of 120 years, it recommend for instance to have one page a record of where I lived when and how long, one page a record of PCs I used,,,,,,the other page the record of books I read, etc...what ever I want record....
So, this organizer gives me very freedom to design my life which I need just like the air. I need freedom. This freedom dose not opposes capitalism whatever. In order to keep the freedom of mind of mine, I need good finances therefore I need a good organizer I control for investment but not be controlled by the organizer.

At the moment, I put down titles of the lists for
1) places I lived
2) books I read
3) books I am gonna to read
4) haircut I had with remark on them
5) essence for skin worked and not worked well
6) properties I own
7) properties I aim to buy in some future

8) data of ten-thousand-yen bill fly out of my wallet.

Hum. what else. let me see...............

Monday, December 06, 2004

Golden Leaves Over

Ah, abnormal weather of this year did not give me a little quiet time to indulge in Autumn under falling golden leaves...It was brute windy with rain over night of Saturday night and morning after, this large maidenhair tree of local Hatonomori Shrine whose leaves just got full golden turned bald at one night!! Our town was totally messed by the fallen leaves of just one huge maidenhair tree.....Again I must confess that I was satisfied to see the little triumph of nature of urban order.......Very very hope this maidenhair tree can survive as long as she lives.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

good morning

Passing through Jingu Gaien to office by my bike as usual this morning, it was a winter sunny morning and good little windy was blowing fallen leaves up to cover this usually immaculate street of Jingu Gaien with fallen golden leaves. Each time cars run the street, dry golden leaves are blown up in the air and as the car went away, there were a dance of blown leaves shining under morning sun with the sound of a rustle of leaves while. What the gorgeous beauty!! Seeing this power of beauty of simple nature moves me so much, I see no human-made can't overcome the nature.

You might laugh at me this is nothing special. But living and working in this over crowded city of Tokyo, it is not easy job to find the beauty of nature in daily life so I am living very sensitive to find it in my daily life. Seeing the band of stuffs of the National Stadium run out with brooms and dustpans in their hands, just imagining the ice appeared suddenly on their way and they all slipped and could not get the street to clear those fallen leaves away, I was very satisfied with joy.