Friday, November 12, 2004

Why do blog?

Mr. Ichiro Yamamoto known as "Kirikomi Taicyo,. his blog is known as the most popular, interesting to read Japanese blog in Japan... He is about 32 years old, yet already pulled in 10 billion yen as a professional investor, PLUS a writer of many essays and several books, a games and TV program creator, sometime a guitar player of his band etc…........Reading his blog, it is convincing he has an extra-ordinary talent to do all these........... though difficulty of reading his blog is, as he has been cult popular in 2 channel, he writes in 2 Channel language and comments in his comments boxes are just like of 2 Channel,,,,,, this prevents him getting well acknowledged outside 2Channel.
Reading his blog, easy to see why he is so strongly supported by 2Channelers.....It's not just his excellent talent and writing ability. What outstanding is his balance of 2 sides of him; one side of him he has cool (sometime cold) intellective eyes as powerful investigator, the other side of him he's not only just shy and naive guy, but also he has warm (and sometime wet) eyes and pathos to those people outside "cool world govern by giant media's cool standard".....or more exactly warm eyes to never-cool passion of people outside cool world....The cool world is the world of people who has no problem to give their passion to follow image of "cool" made and given by American style mono mass media and show how they look cool. It's not difficult to assume such a talented and naive person like him had difficulty to cope with in early schools in Japan and therefore he positioned himself something outsider. Seems it's his sensitivity not forget who he was whereas many those people once grown and had power to show cool, they tend to pretend as if they had been cool being from the start. But he remains outside and keep speaking outsider's voice by his powerful writing power.. He is the one speaking the grass voice, unlike many early powerful bloggers who call their blog grass voice but was imitation of established.

Anyway, why do blog, why he writes lots in blog, of "Kirikomi Taicyo" version in Japanese,,,, is

briefly in English
"No one is perfect to communicate and to speak to people yet everyone has this strong desire to communicate and speak to people. And here is blog. Why not try? All responses against blog is just in blog world, no harm to real life. Just write what want to write."