Wednesday, November 10, 2004

views from new room


Invited my ex-colleague who just quit her job she hated so much to my local bar to celeblate of her commencement and my moving last night.
Drinking culture is very something to tell one's personality especially in Japan where a variety of drinking cultures coexists. Although most of local bars I mostly hung around has "international bar culture"…I mean bars casually popping in and enjoy drinking and chatting with people there, many office worker people means drink as eat and drink within a closed group at IZAKAYA or decorated restaurant bars run by the same restaurant chain company and they think their style is the normal. Taking colleagues of the later to my local bars, women are mostly OK to enjoy another culture but men are difficult as they just show disgust to anything new to them. Anyway she was a challenging woman. It was OK for her to try my local culture.
She talked to me she had strooong interest in money investment and I talked to her about my property investments. We were sitting in a good Belgian Beer bar run by a man in our age I think. I've been there few times before but he wrote a blog about his local life over last summer (gave up at the end of summer though..) I found accidentally because there are people and shops familiar to me in his blog…. Talking to him I’ve read his blog and I knew this and that... we talked as if we knew long. Such is the blog power! So I talked to my ex-colleague about investment in the bar and the bar getting crowded, next to me was a woman frequent the bar then another man seated next to her and they began to talk and somehow they started to talk about property investigation, the same theme I just talked with my ex-colleague. They sounded the woman (seemingly in my age) recently moved out from her parents house and rented an apartment and got interested in buying an apartment and the man (seemingly in the late 30's creater type ) sounded having good knowledge and experience about property investment. Why I don't join!! Yes, we did. Then there were 2 experienced property investigators and 2 women interested in money investment. I must say we had really hot discussion. And good to me to discuss about investment with someone who has as good knowledge and experience as mine is to confirm I am doing right way so far....I've been doing investment all alone to shut down negative noise VERY GOOD and KIND people love to whisper to. Now having experience of doing well, I am able to enjoy positive discussion. Great!. Also encouraging two women for investment (knowing well they got excited talking but satisfied by dreaming and would never take real actions), I came to aware I am getting such the age to give my knowledge and experience to people and I find something to be given by myself. "Give and given" is what Kaori Sasaki of e-women propounded in her 20's.... . Mmmmm I hope I found something for thie “Give and given” at the night… (weak tone is because life is always like …one moment I think I find and next moment I realize I was not enough….)