Monday, November 08, 2004

No more shopping!!

Very well I should keep this word forever.
Settled in new apartment, I'd taken all the stuffs I could take with me to the new apartment and got all furniture’s and electronic goods by Yahoo! Auction. And still got to buy lots hooks, towel hangers, electric extensions, telephone cable extensions, TV cable extensions, and curtains....etc.... Although getting most of them from Daiso (100 yen shop) is not very expensive, they are stuffs I just struggle to put off from my old room to through away because they are non reusable, or their size did not fit to new room, and an hours later I spent an hour roaming in Harajyuku Daiso shop to buy them, brought heavy shopping bag back to new room, spent another an hour to fit to where to be fit in, dashed out again to get something I missed to buy, returned with another heavy shopping bag somehow more than double stuffs than I planed to buy in there, spent another one hour for another fitting, and then one day was gone and there were a pile of plastic packages unpacked as just garbage to be discarded. Very waste of time and energy and natural resources. But still new room is such good refreshing I can not say I won't move out again...