Thursday, November 04, 2004


not about web site.
I have just moved out to new apartment over this week. It's just a few blocks away in the same town though, living in a studio room I found it tidying away room all the time to me, now I am in a bigger one bed room apartment with better view. Even within the same town, new room has totally new view and new air. Rooms opposite apartments are different, people walking outside is different, sounds from outside are different, room color is different and air way through my apartment is different. Even a small detail of daily life touches me. Sitting on the floor among boxes waiting me unpack, my body is tired but I am just excited.

I've been looking for both apartments on sale and to let in this area. Unlike buying investment apartments I don't live, buying an apartment for my living, I have such an endless list of demand and desire for room-I-posses-and-live. that I can’t find easily. I am not going to say having a house is the biggest job in life, like Japanese men's tradition? but why I have to pay big money for not-ideal apartment at all? My apartment must be a room everybody say it’s the your apartment!!

Choosing to rent, Sigh is that renting apartment is crazy expensive in Tokyo....Also I hate I need a guarantor for rent (parents are the best, have to have job though...). Calling my father to ask "I am gonna to move to new apartment, please sign as my guarantor for rent" makes me feel I am still little being living under shade of my parents. For loaning money from the bank to buy apartments, I don't need to find private guarantor. There is a guaranty society who checks MY confidence and guarantee for me. No need to ask my parents for guarantor. I hear the landlord wants a guarantor for tenant in case tenant die alone in the room and not found long…(off course need someone to clean the room then). I don’t know it’s true or not but just such is custom background and business background.