Wednesday, November 24, 2004

in the middle of night

Difficulty of writing blog to me is taking little time to consider how I can write in spare moments of my daily life, it could pass some days or even weeks. How people can write readable blogs so easily?

It was some nights ago ( not that night I drunk till morning). It was late Autumn quiet cold night, Riding my bike on my way back from work with hunger to room still in mess, dropped by a small Shyocyu-bar nearby run by a woman over 60's whom we call MAMA. She used be running high class night-bars for executive customers, now at her age, she runs this small bar for cozy place. I've been their habitué for her first class service and talk yet cheep and cozy atmosphere. So the bar was full of habitués enjoying chats and drinks and food in warm atmosphere and I too was seated in front of MAMA, and enjoying drink and food and chat with her.

Suddenly a man came in the bar and MAMA's face tensed and murmured me never speak to him. Without her warning, I was sure I would not speak to him because this middle aged man had obvious look to show his retardate or something and that meant I could not confident it would be less likely he had a common drinking manner with me. I did not remove my bag on the next tool from me and kept looking another direction. He seated some far seat and began to talk to MAMA how he had been working very important job and how nice his Scandinavian girl friend is etc... MAMA hardly look at him and talked to him brusquely just So, really, "you are busy, you'd better go to bed" After a couple glasses of beer and some food, he went to bed and the bar returned usual relaxed atmosphere again.
MAMA sighed and explained, he was banned by most of bars and restaurants around so , came around her bar sometime. She did not care who he was as long as he paid with no trouble, though annoying is sometime he tried to talk to other customers. It was obvious he wanted not only food and drink but also conversation with her and some recognition which dose not reflect what he is and may be some more. People around began telling, "no you should ban him" "what if he did something when you and him only are in the bar" I too worried and voiced her. She just laughed "Don't worry, would be OK ” We wall kept "But if....." Yes, How good people we were!
At that moment I sincerely worried and voiced from the bottom of mind. But next moment, I realized I had to laugh myself bitterly. Because it was me who had been annoyed by persistent comments to my blog while and hesitated long to take an action to sort out despite some friends bitterly called me “too good person” and advised me to ban such a spammer out without warning as soon as possible as there would be no good to give such one a chance to speak. How ironical!