Monday, November 15, 2004

Happy Engagement

to Princess SAYAKO!!

Princess Sayako, the 35-year-old daughter of Emperor and Empress, an icon of our underdog kind, single women over 30 in Japan, is going to engage with a commoner guy of 39-year-old Tokyo official guy. He's a friend of Prince Akishinomiya (the second son of Emperor), may not be a commoner in a way of true common people, but unlike some rich guys and guys from rich families who had been named as a nomination for Princess's partner, seeing his face on the newspaper this morning, I instantly could see by women's intuition they would become a good match. Born from her beautiful mother in Imperial family, yet she looked not a type who enjoys royal family life and it was often a material for gossip and rumor. 
Now she found right place and right partner for her life and going to depart from underdog life…this is the real happiness, isn’t it.

Congratulation! Princess Sayako!