Tuesday, November 16, 2004

blog is

Another hot discussion about blog and authorized existing journalism of Kirikomi Taicyo. this one is in response to "dose internet kills newspaper" blog, whose writing sounds just discussion of "I am the authority person. People must awe me."'. Reading both, I am afraid to say, the difference between strong discussion and ad captandum vulgus is clear. 
Anyway At the end of long writing of Kirikomi Taicyo, yet he says about internet discussion that

There is a so-called his/her "blog life time" wasting certain his/her private time. Some change job, some get married and have baby then quit from net-speaking. I have seen many cool net-speakers who write far better than me but they just quit quietly and now I am running as one of front-runners.

Very truth about what the blog is about. I say again he is the one who can voice what grass root people thinks in deep mind but don't know how to voice. He has money. He has cult support of 2 channel people. He has voice to speak grass root voice. And he is only just over 30. Either he ends up just a local hero or become something, very interesting to see where he go next 10 year.

nothing. Just beatiful autumn day at Otemachi.