Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Some more days to perfect

After all a chain of typhoons and earthquakes of Nigata Earthquake this autumn, little time is spared to enjoy quiet late autumn. Can't wait for leaves put on full autumn colors the best. It's time to listen rustling leaves fall and the wind blows them. at Jinguu Gaien.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

in the middle of night

Difficulty of writing blog to me is taking little time to consider how I can write in spare moments of my daily life, it could pass some days or even weeks. How people can write readable blogs so easily?

It was some nights ago ( not that night I drunk till morning). It was late Autumn quiet cold night, Riding my bike on my way back from work with hunger to room still in mess, dropped by a small Shyocyu-bar nearby run by a woman over 60's whom we call MAMA. She used be running high class night-bars for executive customers, now at her age, she runs this small bar for cozy place. I've been their habitué for her first class service and talk yet cheep and cozy atmosphere. So the bar was full of habitués enjoying chats and drinks and food in warm atmosphere and I too was seated in front of MAMA, and enjoying drink and food and chat with her.

Suddenly a man came in the bar and MAMA's face tensed and murmured me never speak to him. Without her warning, I was sure I would not speak to him because this middle aged man had obvious look to show his retardate or something and that meant I could not confident it would be less likely he had a common drinking manner with me. I did not remove my bag on the next tool from me and kept looking another direction. He seated some far seat and began to talk to MAMA how he had been working very important job and how nice his Scandinavian girl friend is etc... MAMA hardly look at him and talked to him brusquely just So, really, "you are busy, you'd better go to bed" After a couple glasses of beer and some food, he went to bed and the bar returned usual relaxed atmosphere again.
MAMA sighed and explained, he was banned by most of bars and restaurants around so , came around her bar sometime. She did not care who he was as long as he paid with no trouble, though annoying is sometime he tried to talk to other customers. It was obvious he wanted not only food and drink but also conversation with her and some recognition which dose not reflect what he is and may be some more. People around began telling, "no you should ban him" "what if he did something when you and him only are in the bar" I too worried and voiced her. She just laughed "Don't worry, would be OK ” We wall kept "But if....." Yes, How good people we were!
At that moment I sincerely worried and voiced from the bottom of mind. But next moment, I realized I had to laugh myself bitterly. Because it was me who had been annoyed by persistent comments to my blog while and hesitated long to take an action to sort out despite some friends bitterly called me “too good person” and advised me to ban such a spammer out without warning as soon as possible as there would be no good to give such one a chance to speak. How ironical!

Friday, November 19, 2004


Heil! I swear I would NEVER drink till morning.
Though there is seen already corpses of my old "I swear"s have been heaped everywhere in my sight. Hopely they are not yet burnt to dust to blow away.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Under modification

I am trying to update my blog looking little by little practically. Going to add little more MY TASTE.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

blog is

Another hot discussion about blog and authorized existing journalism of Kirikomi Taicyo. this one is in response to "dose internet kills newspaper" blog, whose writing sounds just discussion of "I am the authority person. People must awe me."'. Reading both, I am afraid to say, the difference between strong discussion and ad captandum vulgus is clear. 
Anyway At the end of long writing of Kirikomi Taicyo, yet he says about internet discussion that

There is a so-called his/her "blog life time" wasting certain his/her private time. Some change job, some get married and have baby then quit from net-speaking. I have seen many cool net-speakers who write far better than me but they just quit quietly and now I am running as one of front-runners.

Very truth about what the blog is about. I say again he is the one who can voice what grass root people thinks in deep mind but don't know how to voice. He has money. He has cult support of 2 channel people. He has voice to speak grass root voice. And he is only just over 30. Either he ends up just a local hero or become something, very interesting to see where he go next 10 year.

nothing. Just beatiful autumn day at Otemachi.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Happy Engagement

to Princess SAYAKO!!

Princess Sayako, the 35-year-old daughter of Emperor and Empress, an icon of our underdog kind, single women over 30 in Japan, is going to engage with a commoner guy of 39-year-old Tokyo official guy. He's a friend of Prince Akishinomiya (the second son of Emperor), may not be a commoner in a way of true common people, but unlike some rich guys and guys from rich families who had been named as a nomination for Princess's partner, seeing his face on the newspaper this morning, I instantly could see by women's intuition they would become a good match. Born from her beautiful mother in Imperial family, yet she looked not a type who enjoys royal family life and it was often a material for gossip and rumor. 
Now she found right place and right partner for her life and going to depart from underdog life…this is the real happiness, isn’t it.

Congratulation! Princess Sayako!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Why do blog?

Mr. Ichiro Yamamoto known as "Kirikomi Taicyo,. his blog is known as the most popular, interesting to read Japanese blog in Japan... He is about 32 years old, yet already pulled in 10 billion yen as a professional investor, PLUS a writer of many essays and several books, a games and TV program creator, sometime a guitar player of his band etc…........Reading his blog, it is convincing he has an extra-ordinary talent to do all these........... though difficulty of reading his blog is, as he has been cult popular in 2 channel, he writes in 2 Channel language and comments in his comments boxes are just like of 2 Channel,,,,,, this prevents him getting well acknowledged outside 2Channel.
Reading his blog, easy to see why he is so strongly supported by 2Channelers.....It's not just his excellent talent and writing ability. What outstanding is his balance of 2 sides of him; one side of him he has cool (sometime cold) intellective eyes as powerful investigator, the other side of him he's not only just shy and naive guy, but also he has warm (and sometime wet) eyes and pathos to those people outside "cool world govern by giant media's cool standard".....or more exactly warm eyes to never-cool passion of people outside cool world....The cool world is the world of people who has no problem to give their passion to follow image of "cool" made and given by American style mono mass media and show how they look cool. It's not difficult to assume such a talented and naive person like him had difficulty to cope with in early schools in Japan and therefore he positioned himself something outsider. Seems it's his sensitivity not forget who he was whereas many those people once grown and had power to show cool, they tend to pretend as if they had been cool being from the start. But he remains outside and keep speaking outsider's voice by his powerful writing power.. He is the one speaking the grass voice, unlike many early powerful bloggers who call their blog grass voice but was imitation of established.

Anyway, why do blog, why he writes lots in blog, of "Kirikomi Taicyo" version in Japanese,,,, is

briefly in English
"No one is perfect to communicate and to speak to people yet everyone has this strong desire to communicate and speak to people. And here is blog. Why not try? All responses against blog is just in blog world, no harm to real life. Just write what want to write."

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

views from new room


Invited my ex-colleague who just quit her job she hated so much to my local bar to celeblate of her commencement and my moving last night.
Drinking culture is very something to tell one's personality especially in Japan where a variety of drinking cultures coexists. Although most of local bars I mostly hung around has "international bar culture"…I mean bars casually popping in and enjoy drinking and chatting with people there, many office worker people means drink as eat and drink within a closed group at IZAKAYA or decorated restaurant bars run by the same restaurant chain company and they think their style is the normal. Taking colleagues of the later to my local bars, women are mostly OK to enjoy another culture but men are difficult as they just show disgust to anything new to them. Anyway she was a challenging woman. It was OK for her to try my local culture.
She talked to me she had strooong interest in money investment and I talked to her about my property investments. We were sitting in a good Belgian Beer bar run by a man in our age I think. I've been there few times before but he wrote a blog about his local life over last summer (gave up at the end of summer though..) I found accidentally because there are people and shops familiar to me in his blog…. Talking to him I’ve read his blog and I knew this and that... we talked as if we knew long. Such is the blog power! So I talked to my ex-colleague about investment in the bar and the bar getting crowded, next to me was a woman frequent the bar then another man seated next to her and they began to talk and somehow they started to talk about property investigation, the same theme I just talked with my ex-colleague. They sounded the woman (seemingly in my age) recently moved out from her parents house and rented an apartment and got interested in buying an apartment and the man (seemingly in the late 30's creater type ) sounded having good knowledge and experience about property investment. Why I don't join!! Yes, we did. Then there were 2 experienced property investigators and 2 women interested in money investment. I must say we had really hot discussion. And good to me to discuss about investment with someone who has as good knowledge and experience as mine is to confirm I am doing right way so far....I've been doing investment all alone to shut down negative noise VERY GOOD and KIND people love to whisper to. Now having experience of doing well, I am able to enjoy positive discussion. Great!. Also encouraging two women for investment (knowing well they got excited talking but satisfied by dreaming and would never take real actions), I came to aware I am getting such the age to give my knowledge and experience to people and I find something to be given by myself. "Give and given" is what Kaori Sasaki of e-women propounded in her 20's.... . Mmmmm I hope I found something for thie “Give and given” at the night… (weak tone is because life is always like …one moment I think I find and next moment I realize I was not enough….)

Monday, November 08, 2004

No more shopping!!

Very well I should keep this word forever.
Settled in new apartment, I'd taken all the stuffs I could take with me to the new apartment and got all furniture’s and electronic goods by Yahoo! Auction. And still got to buy lots hooks, towel hangers, electric extensions, telephone cable extensions, TV cable extensions, and curtains....etc.... Although getting most of them from Daiso (100 yen shop) is not very expensive, they are stuffs I just struggle to put off from my old room to through away because they are non reusable, or their size did not fit to new room, and an hours later I spent an hour roaming in Harajyuku Daiso shop to buy them, brought heavy shopping bag back to new room, spent another an hour to fit to where to be fit in, dashed out again to get something I missed to buy, returned with another heavy shopping bag somehow more than double stuffs than I planed to buy in there, spent another one hour for another fitting, and then one day was gone and there were a pile of plastic packages unpacked as just garbage to be discarded. Very waste of time and energy and natural resources. But still new room is such good refreshing I can not say I won't move out again...

Thursday, November 04, 2004


not about web site.
I have just moved out to new apartment over this week. It's just a few blocks away in the same town though, living in a studio room I found it tidying away room all the time to me, now I am in a bigger one bed room apartment with better view. Even within the same town, new room has totally new view and new air. Rooms opposite apartments are different, people walking outside is different, sounds from outside are different, room color is different and air way through my apartment is different. Even a small detail of daily life touches me. Sitting on the floor among boxes waiting me unpack, my body is tired but I am just excited.

I've been looking for both apartments on sale and to let in this area. Unlike buying investment apartments I don't live, buying an apartment for my living, I have such an endless list of demand and desire for room-I-posses-and-live. that I can’t find easily. I am not going to say having a house is the biggest job in life, like Japanese men's tradition? but why I have to pay big money for not-ideal apartment at all? My apartment must be a room everybody say it’s the your apartment!!

Choosing to rent, Sigh is that renting apartment is crazy expensive in Tokyo....Also I hate I need a guarantor for rent (parents are the best, have to have job though...). Calling my father to ask "I am gonna to move to new apartment, please sign as my guarantor for rent" makes me feel I am still little being living under shade of my parents. For loaning money from the bank to buy apartments, I don't need to find private guarantor. There is a guaranty society who checks MY confidence and guarantee for me. No need to ask my parents for guarantor. I hear the landlord wants a guarantor for tenant in case tenant die alone in the room and not found long…(off course need someone to clean the room then). I don’t know it’s true or not but just such is custom background and business background.