Thursday, October 28, 2004

Typhoon, typhoon, Niigata earthquake and another kidnapped in Iraq.

What's the month is this October!!
Another Japanese fool was kidnapped in Iraq. This case, kidnapped guy is nothing but fool. As news reported, he's tourist staying in Australia with working holiday visa. Got on a bus to Iraq regardless of people's advices to see his Iraqi friend with such little money that could not buy bus ticket from Baghdad. Has he never know how danger Iraq is now. (Could be I think. I used to be surprised when seeing those fool Japanese living abroad for years yet not understanding English well but believing it's cool to keep away from Japanese news sources is as deserted from news as living in a small isolated island.) I wish for his safe return. Sigh is why at this time in Japan? We have just suffered a chain of natural disasters this month. There are a great number of people who suffered from recent typhoons and Niigata earthquake desperately needs emergency help and concern. Sigh Sigh.

While Typhoons and Earthquake are natural disaster, kidnapping is human disaster.
The stay of Japanese SDF in Iraq gave kidnappers the excuse of their kidnapping crime.
I think it's the time to stop Japanese SDF in Iraq now. We suffered from mighty disasters this year. Need of restoration power and expense is good non-political excuse to say NO to support American invasion to Iraq.
By the way, found another way to express opinion from the world to America for coming vote.