Friday, October 22, 2004

Train Man

"Train Man" is published by Sinchyo-sya today.

"Train Man"  has been known as not the net novel but the true love story out of 2 channel. I've read it only lately though, was very IMPRESSED against all the prejudice to 2 channel.

The story began when a young Japanese nerd guy who never had dated with a girl before confessed on "nerd guys board" on 2 channel that he saved women from picking of drunken old man in the train on his way back from Akihabara and he found young one of women very pretty. And it ends when this guy and the woman get couple together of course. Such an ordinary story. But this guy is, as a typical of young nerd of shy Japanese, very shy and has ZERO confidence with himself. He whines if he could have acted this way at this situation, how he'd look cool..... Then others (they are after all the member of the nerd guys board) pepped him, encouraged him and gave him detailed advice, He wavered but took advices and acted in real life. All the things is going on in 2channel conversation style on the 2channel.

And what impressed to me is that this nerd guy looks very relaxed there, bares his obsession, wavering whatever his true feeling naturally. Other people giving comments there looks relaxed too and standing the same line as him, sincerely cheers him up. (very different from giving the advice from higher cool people do.) Obviously they find 2channel the safe place for them and make warm (subtropical wetty maybe)atmosphere.

Also this guy tells almost every question happened in his mind and reads advice comments and choose one he thinks the best for him. ( he of course write down what he feels for each way and whatever he feels.) It sounds like a kind of role-playing game, doesn’t it. This had real story going with a real woman behind this kind of role-playing game, still it sounds something like ANIME story that shy guy gets special advice from computer or supernatural power, and fights well and becomes hero. Nevertheless this story has empathetic reality as the real voice of real people that other love stories I've read. What this mean?