Friday, October 08, 2004

She's lost?

Was seeing a HP for Japanese community in UK where I used to studied years ago. It is wistful for me to see those Japanese people repeating the same kind of troubles and concerns as Japanese in foreign countries as I was. But finding a name of a friend of mine on lost personal ado that she'd lost a contact with her parents and her parents were looking for her, I just fly out of my skin.......what she's doing.

It was more than 10 years ago, we met in a small pre-college class for Japanese students who tries to get in UK universities. Because of the education system difference we had to take pre-college class for taking A-level equivalents. This class had some motivation but you see, if kids had been doing well in Japan, no reason they had to get in university in UK via such class. She was from the same high school as mine, and unlike me, was outstanding brainy, a busty attractive girl who well-financed by rich parents. I remember she had very ambivalent feeling between hate and respect against her mother who came visit her every year and criticize all her friends.

Anyway, we parted to colleges in London and she was still repeating her course when I left London after commencement. Few times we met in Tokyo with some other friends and the last news I heard about her some years ago was that she was still a student at another college and had a Latin boyfriend who flattered her very intelligent and beautiful girl, she and her boyfriend together were damning her mother that her mother would not allow her to date with a foreign guy. Then, she's disappeared from her parents?

""Lost" may be popular among those living in foreign countries. It happens often that someone suddenly lost contact to the community friends and vanished forever. It's OK as long as he/she found better life at somewhere else. But lost contact to parents, is it possible to have a peace life by cutting connection to parents? She spent all her 20's as an undergraduate student, no graduation, made her parents pay her oversee student fee over 10 years. And this is the answer of her stay in UK over 10 years?
It's her life. I know. But I also know why I matter her lost is because with certain probability I could be her. We had similar background. At the time we were the same kinds, maybe (She might claim she was better than me). We are children of days mothers taught us that going famous university is what important for good life. It must have been easy for me to go her way, if I failed a single exam., I just had little luck to finish my course and left from oversee student life to find new view. Hope she's living well with her boyfriend, and with new view, she can gain herself again.