Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It's October

Wow. It turned to autumn air since the enter of October. Following sky high, dry autumn days for a couple of days, been raining cold.... It's autumn.

Anyway autumn air makes me switch to autumn mood and I started Franklin Planner from this October.
I’ve never used this kind of organizer…..no! It was my student days when I bought a fileFAX to find no use for it at all. Sure because I had no life plan at the time. Life was just sleeping, waking up anytime I opened my eyes, reading books and listening music just I picked up whenever I wanted, hanging around wherever my feet wandered. It was such days that appointment meant very light word that it was the usual life to wait someone for hours... Typical student life so called, maybe. Even after graduation, I kept organizer away and it was OK as long as I just indulged in everyday job and fan. Then I picked up this new book called “organizer guide for millionaise”by Kaori Sasaki san of e-women. Hmuu it is one of millions of business book about how to organize schedule. But her books sound convincing because her writing is a full of account of what she achieved through her life experience, whereas ordinary business books just tell ideal image of what ideal person must behave. I know Sasaki-san is not the business elite but a entrepreneur of a couple of companies and an international women business conference at the middle of her 30's and enjoys private time with friends and families. Her organizer technique is how she made it!
OK, why don’t I try organizer again! What I do is plan, memorize and organize. And my plan must be a practical plan. Not such as one day I will be...... let’s see.

By the way Sasaki-san has her blog and in this
Delighted by Ichiro’s achievement, she pointed that the difference between "Person who can boost up oneself through experience and knowledge" and " Person who just studies and gets knowledge". The former can make it and later becomes just a critic. Mmmmmmmm this is severe truth.