Wednesday, October 27, 2004

arrested for committing sexual harassments

ad extremum or still such revel one might say

Mr. Takeshi Kotsuka, an ex-president of Fukuoka Daiei Hawks baseball team was arrested for committing sexual harassments of hugging and kissing women employees at presence of other employees. In business he's known as a powerful corporate makeover. In personality on the other hand, he was just a real positive dirty old man. He even wrote a book “ 包容力“ …subtitle “why this man is accepted to kiss women at the first meet" No damn worth reading, as I hear, the content is a guide book to young men about how to commit sexual harassments to women, even teaching how to fondle women’s thighs!!!

Helpless fool! This dirty old man really believed in he could kiss and hug women whenever and wherever he wanted. No joking. No No. He believed in positively. And this book was written with co-writer "Akihiro Nakatani" who was a popular writer of self-help books, mainly for young women in Japan. Both men are popular and supposed to care how to behave in public and still believed in such obsession!!!

So his arrest is corollary to who he is, not yet natural corollary in Japan though…. The fact is that his arrest for violation of criminal law was following of the dismissal of his for serious violation of law by American investing company who bought Fukuoka Daiei Hawks and it is said that police’s main target is violation of business law. If it was Japanese company who bought Daiei, could these women sue him? Seems we still need foreign power to take action….

Just turning my eyes in my company, top of our department is said to be the best boss in the company (mostly men) and I hear he often speaks to male employees that play double-clock, and whatever trouble happens, he’ll cover up. My section boss is also known that at job-interview with young woman for his assistant, he asked what's if he and her are missed last train after drink? And younger...say middle aged male employees, I could hear here and there that male employees are speaking to women employees around every detail of his work like "I did this, I said this though the customer said that and I thought this and did this etc... (It's not at home but at office speaking to colleagues!!) Most women employees just listens him. Of course no man speaks such fool to me at least (though I welcome as I am collecting such evidence data just in case.) Listening both side view separately, male employees has no slight doubt that what they are harassing women employees in office. They seem to be taking themselves as victims of company’s order and never think they like such poor beings commit bad to women employees. And many women employees dose not express their stress to them as I openly speak I’ll sue all sexual harassments for money!

It will take time for women office environment in Japan to be straightened. It will still take time for Japanese women to express what have to express. The arrest of Mr. Takeshi Kotsuka for sexual harassments as criminal case can be encouraging us all and can help things hastening the change for working women’s environment in Japan.