Thursday, October 21, 2004

Another typhoon!

Suidobashi,Tokyo,last night.

No more! Once a week, storm has been hitting Japan's main land this autumn. There was the powerful typhoon hit Tokyo last week after long rain a week before and another most powerful one hit Tokyo yesterday.... Something wrong. Something unusual is usually most typhoons either loose its power on the way to the main land or veer away and rarely hit the main land. It's hard not to connect these abnormal behaviors of typhoons with global warming, and a step further, with the consequence of American type consumerism that has been controlling the world as the symbol of developed countries. It is said in Japan that what the influence on natural environment in Asia if 1.3 billion Chinese in China too determined to have consumerism lives!! We have no right to say not to develop to them though. Maybe as little thing I can do, I'll refrain from using Internet too much to save excess use of electricity energy and say no to plastic shopping bags, and any disposable chop sticks, food packs and trays etc and just wait autumn sunny day backā€¦