Friday, October 29, 2004

No comment box while

Hummmm, a persisting noisy troll is active in my blog's comment box at the moment. Too boring and no worth concerning. I close comment box from my blog while.

Having heard lots bloggers complaining suffering from trolls, seems it's my turn...sigh...... What's the waste of electricity and other resources and precious time. Dose they think they can be free from minimum communication rules of real world in the virtual world?

BTW The bullet news says dead body of Asian man was found in north Iraq. Really wish not the kidnapped Japanese guy. Though the death is the death of someone...

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Typhoon, typhoon, Niigata earthquake and another kidnapped in Iraq.

What's the month is this October!!
Another Japanese fool was kidnapped in Iraq. This case, kidnapped guy is nothing but fool. As news reported, he's tourist staying in Australia with working holiday visa. Got on a bus to Iraq regardless of people's advices to see his Iraqi friend with such little money that could not buy bus ticket from Baghdad. Has he never know how danger Iraq is now. (Could be I think. I used to be surprised when seeing those fool Japanese living abroad for years yet not understanding English well but believing it's cool to keep away from Japanese news sources is as deserted from news as living in a small isolated island.) I wish for his safe return. Sigh is why at this time in Japan? We have just suffered a chain of natural disasters this month. There are a great number of people who suffered from recent typhoons and Niigata earthquake desperately needs emergency help and concern. Sigh Sigh.

While Typhoons and Earthquake are natural disaster, kidnapping is human disaster.
The stay of Japanese SDF in Iraq gave kidnappers the excuse of their kidnapping crime.
I think it's the time to stop Japanese SDF in Iraq now. We suffered from mighty disasters this year. Need of restoration power and expense is good non-political excuse to say NO to support American invasion to Iraq.
By the way, found another way to express opinion from the world to America for coming vote.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

arrested for committing sexual harassments

ad extremum or still such revel one might say

Mr. Takeshi Kotsuka, an ex-president of Fukuoka Daiei Hawks baseball team was arrested for committing sexual harassments of hugging and kissing women employees at presence of other employees. In business he's known as a powerful corporate makeover. In personality on the other hand, he was just a real positive dirty old man. He even wrote a book “ 包容力“ …subtitle “why this man is accepted to kiss women at the first meet" No damn worth reading, as I hear, the content is a guide book to young men about how to commit sexual harassments to women, even teaching how to fondle women’s thighs!!!

Helpless fool! This dirty old man really believed in he could kiss and hug women whenever and wherever he wanted. No joking. No No. He believed in positively. And this book was written with co-writer "Akihiro Nakatani" who was a popular writer of self-help books, mainly for young women in Japan. Both men are popular and supposed to care how to behave in public and still believed in such obsession!!!

So his arrest is corollary to who he is, not yet natural corollary in Japan though…. The fact is that his arrest for violation of criminal law was following of the dismissal of his for serious violation of law by American investing company who bought Fukuoka Daiei Hawks and it is said that police’s main target is violation of business law. If it was Japanese company who bought Daiei, could these women sue him? Seems we still need foreign power to take action….

Just turning my eyes in my company, top of our department is said to be the best boss in the company (mostly men) and I hear he often speaks to male employees that play double-clock, and whatever trouble happens, he’ll cover up. My section boss is also known that at job-interview with young woman for his assistant, he asked what's if he and her are missed last train after drink? And younger...say middle aged male employees, I could hear here and there that male employees are speaking to women employees around every detail of his work like "I did this, I said this though the customer said that and I thought this and did this etc... (It's not at home but at office speaking to colleagues!!) Most women employees just listens him. Of course no man speaks such fool to me at least (though I welcome as I am collecting such evidence data just in case.) Listening both side view separately, male employees has no slight doubt that what they are harassing women employees in office. They seem to be taking themselves as victims of company’s order and never think they like such poor beings commit bad to women employees. And many women employees dose not express their stress to them as I openly speak I’ll sue all sexual harassments for money!

It will take time for women office environment in Japan to be straightened. It will still take time for Japanese women to express what have to express. The arrest of Mr. Takeshi Kotsuka for sexual harassments as criminal case can be encouraging us all and can help things hastening the change for working women’s environment in Japan.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Train Man

"Train Man" is published by Sinchyo-sya today.

"Train Man"  has been known as not the net novel but the true love story out of 2 channel. I've read it only lately though, was very IMPRESSED against all the prejudice to 2 channel.

The story began when a young Japanese nerd guy who never had dated with a girl before confessed on "nerd guys board" on 2 channel that he saved women from picking of drunken old man in the train on his way back from Akihabara and he found young one of women very pretty. And it ends when this guy and the woman get couple together of course. Such an ordinary story. But this guy is, as a typical of young nerd of shy Japanese, very shy and has ZERO confidence with himself. He whines if he could have acted this way at this situation, how he'd look cool..... Then others (they are after all the member of the nerd guys board) pepped him, encouraged him and gave him detailed advice, He wavered but took advices and acted in real life. All the things is going on in 2channel conversation style on the 2channel.

And what impressed to me is that this nerd guy looks very relaxed there, bares his obsession, wavering whatever his true feeling naturally. Other people giving comments there looks relaxed too and standing the same line as him, sincerely cheers him up. (very different from giving the advice from higher cool people do.) Obviously they find 2channel the safe place for them and make warm (subtropical wetty maybe)atmosphere.

Also this guy tells almost every question happened in his mind and reads advice comments and choose one he thinks the best for him. ( he of course write down what he feels for each way and whatever he feels.) It sounds like a kind of role-playing game, doesn’t it. This had real story going with a real woman behind this kind of role-playing game, still it sounds something like ANIME story that shy guy gets special advice from computer or supernatural power, and fights well and becomes hero. Nevertheless this story has empathetic reality as the real voice of real people that other love stories I've read. What this mean?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Another typhoon!

Suidobashi,Tokyo,last night.

No more! Once a week, storm has been hitting Japan's main land this autumn. There was the powerful typhoon hit Tokyo last week after long rain a week before and another most powerful one hit Tokyo yesterday.... Something wrong. Something unusual is usually most typhoons either loose its power on the way to the main land or veer away and rarely hit the main land. It's hard not to connect these abnormal behaviors of typhoons with global warming, and a step further, with the consequence of American type consumerism that has been controlling the world as the symbol of developed countries. It is said in Japan that what the influence on natural environment in Asia if 1.3 billion Chinese in China too determined to have consumerism lives!! We have no right to say not to develop to them though. Maybe as little thing I can do, I'll refrain from using Internet too much to save excess use of electricity energy and say no to plastic shopping bags, and any disposable chop sticks, food packs and trays etc and just wait autumn sunny day back…

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A message

to America

from an exterior of the art office at Harajyuku

Friday, October 08, 2004

She's lost?

Was seeing a HP for Japanese community in UK where I used to studied years ago. It is wistful for me to see those Japanese people repeating the same kind of troubles and concerns as Japanese in foreign countries as I was. But finding a name of a friend of mine on lost personal ado that she'd lost a contact with her parents and her parents were looking for her, I just fly out of my skin.......what she's doing.

It was more than 10 years ago, we met in a small pre-college class for Japanese students who tries to get in UK universities. Because of the education system difference we had to take pre-college class for taking A-level equivalents. This class had some motivation but you see, if kids had been doing well in Japan, no reason they had to get in university in UK via such class. She was from the same high school as mine, and unlike me, was outstanding brainy, a busty attractive girl who well-financed by rich parents. I remember she had very ambivalent feeling between hate and respect against her mother who came visit her every year and criticize all her friends.

Anyway, we parted to colleges in London and she was still repeating her course when I left London after commencement. Few times we met in Tokyo with some other friends and the last news I heard about her some years ago was that she was still a student at another college and had a Latin boyfriend who flattered her very intelligent and beautiful girl, she and her boyfriend together were damning her mother that her mother would not allow her to date with a foreign guy. Then, she's disappeared from her parents?

""Lost" may be popular among those living in foreign countries. It happens often that someone suddenly lost contact to the community friends and vanished forever. It's OK as long as he/she found better life at somewhere else. But lost contact to parents, is it possible to have a peace life by cutting connection to parents? She spent all her 20's as an undergraduate student, no graduation, made her parents pay her oversee student fee over 10 years. And this is the answer of her stay in UK over 10 years?
It's her life. I know. But I also know why I matter her lost is because with certain probability I could be her. We had similar background. At the time we were the same kinds, maybe (She might claim she was better than me). We are children of days mothers taught us that going famous university is what important for good life. It must have been easy for me to go her way, if I failed a single exam., I just had little luck to finish my course and left from oversee student life to find new view. Hope she's living well with her boyfriend, and with new view, she can gain herself again.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It's October

Wow. It turned to autumn air since the enter of October. Following sky high, dry autumn days for a couple of days, been raining cold.... It's autumn.

Anyway autumn air makes me switch to autumn mood and I started Franklin Planner from this October.
I’ve never used this kind of organizer…! It was my student days when I bought a fileFAX to find no use for it at all. Sure because I had no life plan at the time. Life was just sleeping, waking up anytime I opened my eyes, reading books and listening music just I picked up whenever I wanted, hanging around wherever my feet wandered. It was such days that appointment meant very light word that it was the usual life to wait someone for hours... Typical student life so called, maybe. Even after graduation, I kept organizer away and it was OK as long as I just indulged in everyday job and fan. Then I picked up this new book called “organizer guide for millionaise”by Kaori Sasaki san of e-women. Hmuu it is one of millions of business book about how to organize schedule. But her books sound convincing because her writing is a full of account of what she achieved through her life experience, whereas ordinary business books just tell ideal image of what ideal person must behave. I know Sasaki-san is not the business elite but a entrepreneur of a couple of companies and an international women business conference at the middle of her 30's and enjoys private time with friends and families. Her organizer technique is how she made it!
OK, why don’t I try organizer again! What I do is plan, memorize and organize. And my plan must be a practical plan. Not such as one day I will be...... let’s see.

By the way Sasaki-san has her blog and in this
Delighted by Ichiro’s achievement, she pointed that the difference between "Person who can boost up oneself through experience and knowledge" and " Person who just studies and gets knowledge". The former can make it and later becomes just a critic. Mmmmmmmm this is severe truth.