Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The latest underdog readings

By the way, since the outbreak of the best-selling "underdog howls" focusing over 30 years old urban single women in Japan by Noriko Sakai,(sure this must be the word of the year" of this year), it probed that this topic has high affinity for media attention and has high tolerance to keep theme from mocking of media bastard.

Lately I picked up a couple of books at bookshop for browse. One is "大独身” "Great singles". 130 single women in 30's and 40's categorized by age confess what they think about their single lives...Surely this book of real women's voice is an irony of "Underdog Howls" which futures SATC type rich urban singletons. Apart from a question who wants to buy such book, I must be pleased the publication of this book that "Underdog Howl" gave existence of unmarried women out of some being treated not be there except cold laugh. Also this book encourages unmarried women to discuss about their love and life views more openly. This book reports half of single women in 30's and 40's is a virgin. Not surprising to me as even in my childhood, mam used to advice her girl that good girl should remain a virgin until wedding night. ( I was not good girl though..)

The other book is called "35歳は結婚適齢期“ “35 years old is the best age to get marred” by Ritsuko Shimada. She is once an international air flight attendance turned a TV talent who recently got married at the age of 35 with a younger guy. She's also been writing positive essays about single men and women in 30's so the book is her happy way-to-marriage report following her essay..

Interesting is that what the author of this book saying has common with the author of "Underdog howls". Common that people who experienced the same place and days and culture would share. Ritsuko-san is writing her single woman story;
when she's got an international air flight attendance, women's top dream at 20 it was days still in bubble period, her life was just of celebrity, getting offer of party after party with men with Don Perignon, Porsche a piles of presents..... Then a middle of 20's, the bubble period was already over and became less and less gorgeous occasion compared with before. But she and friends are still young and found way maintains good life by hard working. Over 30's they works well and maintains good life and beauty but getting realized something is missing in life and the fact that there are not many (rich and nice) men left to match their life style.
From all my memory of those days, sounds convincing more than Bridget Jones saying we are children of cosmopolitan. Sakai-san, the author of "Underdog howls" is few years older and was a writer and working PR agency (the most trendy work place), it is easy to guess they experienced the same air as her of these days. Both of them are those who once attracted rich guys as winner of babble period celebrity society's hierarchy. it is understandable that they had stronger "WHY I've not yet married with right man?" and positioned it as "Underdog" ...

Characteristic common in their views is their views to single men over 35. Both of them stereotypes single men over 35 are those having serious problem for marriage. The problem they say....sometimes just means baldness, short like hobbit or such. Both of them analyze single men over 35 who like young women under 25 and stereotype them and criticize them......And say because no right men over 35 left, least chance to find man to get marriage could be from either younger boys or foreigner men. Doesn’t this view sound inhuman?

Mmmm... Anyway what my feeling is strong epoch like bubble period has such powerful influence to the value of people for long years. Although I am not really in of bubble period, I incidentally found that reading them could help me to measure how much influence of bubble period is left in me.