Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Nataria of for ALL (also of WomenCanIT I helped her to start) came down to Tokyo from Hokkaido to place on shop at the Natural food fair (Tokyo BigEgg) for promoting her recently started honey shop. Popped in there to see Nataria!

Honey she's selling was called MANUKA HONEY ...I did not know Manuka honey until I met at her booth, no idea if people usually know it or not, but very fair comment, Manuka Honey was v. good. It's from New Zealand and it has lots like and unlike ordinary selling honey (it is said that cheep honey on supermarket shell is not real honey though). Tasting some, the difference was I cannot eat ordinary honey because it's too strong but can eat Manuka honey and my stomach feels good with it. It says Manuka honey has bactericidal effect, good for throat and stomach...sounds convincing. Anyone who has trouble with throat or stomach MUST try this honey.
Plus it is jarred not in a glass bin but in a light plastic bin, which looks more ecological friendly. Her company's color is united in bright orange, which attract eyes of people, and shows positive image as she shows always. Indeed her booth was so crowded by people and people are pleased to listen her sincere talk. Indeed woman stood next to me was surprising how cheep was her Manuka honey! All sounds promising!

She's got one more step to make it. OK! Wake me up! I too cannot be sleeping!

It's still as hot as middle of summer. Took boat on my return way from TokyoBigEgg.