Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Exposing personal info on internet

My underdog friend was furious in her mail that she was asked to introduce her work life with her name and photos on company's web page for recruitment purpose. Sounds excellent opportunity to show how well she's working. But seems not to her. What's wrong is as she says, that at these days, it is out of common sense to expose her name and face on the web page to the public where net stalkers, freaks or whoever are awaiting to misuse her private information. How nervous she is! I know lots blogs showing personal photos on there. She's been long time active Internet user since nifty net age and still afraid of internet? Ah, but I realized that it is very recent that I am able to show photos of myself on my blog (still small though). Thinking back one year ago at the time I started writing my blog, it was the last idea to put any photos which would identify me and I was afraid of being referred my blog by some blogs. One reason I was not sure what's gonna to write on my blog. But the main reason I think was I was believing it was a kind of self-responsibility to guard my privacy from outside stranger world. Yha, I was really believing in self-responsibility there. Mmmmm self-responsibility? this is quite a kind of what mother says to her daughter, such as don't tell your name to stranger, don't follow stranger, etc.... keeping mom's word and keeping safety, yes, but where is "self" in the responsibility?? It is the problem.