Thursday, September 09, 2004

At Dawn

Next to moon is Dawn.

By the way background color of this blog is bad......need to change!

I've been devoting study of civil law lately for my certificate exam next year. Law and financial strategy studies are something I know their very importance for life but just avoided confrontation. Millions of people have read book like Rich Dad Poor Dad but don't hear they all get out of rat race and become rich. Neither do I. I have only unredeemable poor financial mind. Anyway civil Law, the first time I heard lecture at beginning of this summer, it sounded as if totally foreign language. I mean I am not telling I could not understand law term spoken there. I understood all words spoken there. What I could not understand was what and why I could not understand. It took over this summer to get a grasp of idea of contention! in law discussion. But once got the idea,,, why can't it find interesting to read the discussion about the cases of other people's trouble? : )