Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Knowing well it's time to get more concentrated! ah, but invited from a madam acquaintance for a secret make-up lesson event at hiroo (popular place for rich and fashionable people) last Saturday, how can I miss it!
She was the one I met at International Woman Conference last July, looked "I am rich, succeed in running some fashionable business" woman in her 50's, which means many women such as my mom would say in disgust "What a flashy woman, isn't she" with jealousy, but had something made me convince her warm and nice personality. Talking with her lots later (we live close area) and listening her life was just confirmation of my conviction.
This Saturday event, it may be nothing special but local friend gathering in a way that
one invited top make-up artist acquaintance, one offered room in her gorgeous house for place and so on. At a large party room on top floor of well-designed house of a famous classical music promoter overlooking Roppongi-Hills, about 10-15 women dressed simple yet showing their wealth life from every details are chatting and chatting in very relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere with eating nice sweets someone brought. Of course main event is to have personal make-up advice from the professional make-up artist in turn. So my turn.... this make-up artist tells "you've got a cheek brush" "no" "you've got an eyelash curler, haven’t you" "no" ..." Come on,,,make-up is showing what professional role you want to take, if you want to carrier up, you've got ware business make-up and if you want boyfriend, you've got show your desire on your face." "......"
look better?