Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Olympic Fever

Haaa, physically exhausted. Got eyes tired and shoulders, back and everywhere of my body stiffen.. because been sleepless for more than a week watching Athen Olympic after midnight time. I've been too excited to watch wins of Japan's (mainly) young athletes in Judo, swimming, gymnastic and so on.... Why could I refrain from watching! Those winning athletes look relaxed and confident and tell they did their best. It is said that the reason of these wins is the result of leaving from old training method based on just hard ,work then adoption of the latest physical and mental training method based on scientific data and theory. Wow I cannot give up having expectation this must be sign that Japan is on the way passing through dark tunnel!!

An image of old training of "kyojin no hoshi" ....from point of today's eye, the entire story is too overstrain and no relax. It was such days, wasn't it. Even at my high school days, I was playing guitar at the school’s guitar club. It happened sometime that sudden of all OGs and OBs came around club training room, graced at inside and shout "Everybody, sit on the floor Japanese style for an hour.." We had no right to even ask why. After one torturing hour, they asked us "Tell us why you had to sit on the floor Japanese style for an hour or you've got sit on another one hour......" of course no idea why but anyway made up something that we were wrong of this and that, they would say "..not perfect answer...but will release you with special favor..." No fan, no space for rationality…Old Japanese Army Style so I call. Sigh….

No doubt Athen’s winners impressed us the power of rational methods. It shows the direction we’d better going.… Though in daily office life, I always experience how people is conservative….. hope change in them will be distributed quicker. I would like to see how things would change then…