Friday, August 06, 2004

Katsuura holiday

Stupid! I left my digital camera at home. This is only photo I took Akiko-san with my Keitai camera at Okitsu, near Katsuura. Far and far away over this sea is...America!

Escaped from reality in Tokyo, have been relaxing at Katsuura, chiba with Akiko-san for my summer holiday. Unlike other popular closer to Tokyo destinations, mostly Onsen area bottom or up in mountains, as JR's Wakashio express train running for only one and half hour across Bousou Peninsula toward Ocean side, the view outside the train window was quickly changing; color of green became vivid, shape of each leaves became clear under vivid sunshine, sky became open where blue sky and white floating clouds has clear contrast in color and cool sea breeze,,,, Nice oceanic type of climate, which reminded me of last summer holiday in Napa, California ,,, it's wonderful. In contrast, how we are living under smoky dirty air everyday!!

The main purpose of this holiday at Katsuura was trying Thermes Marines De Saint-Malo

This place is not gorgeous something for posh but has quite reasonable interior, service and price to offer relaxed time for every customer in very French style. It's difficult to see which component made there look French style other than Japanese style. But what I wonder was there looked just small flat house from exterior, then once walked in inside, there turned to just satisfying place with high ceiling and comfortable space and clean rooms of mainly pastel colored interior, whereas pastel color often mean just cheep something in Japan’s interior. Took sea water excises and yummy lunch at outside terrace and laying on deck chair outside where no sound but chirring of cicadas in chorus from all trees around whose delicately different color of green composed depth in green color under large blue sky. Far over down the hill, gleaming was Pacific Ocean from where cool breeze constantly blowing. Such a perfect time at just one and half hour away from Tokyo.

Local town of Katsuura was on contrast, masculine fisher's port town. It was somehow like Matrix to watch at night, huge ocean fishing ship was docked and many huge arm-like machineries were working under flood lights against dark night ocean, from where we were standing was dark night beach nearby moisty breeze was blowing. Thanks to fishermen. Local fish dishes were no doubt wonderful. Would love to come back here again.